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Welcome to the Alpha Laboratories Website - Designed for You!

Welcome to our New Website

The Alpha Laboratories website has been designed to help you find the products you need quickly and easily and provide detailed technical information to support your buying decisions.

Benefit from improved navigation and functionality, extensive product and background information, videos, literature, the ability to share information using social media and more.

Heavily influenced by the user feedback from our Web Usage Survey, this Website is designed and 'Built for You'.

All areas of the website are open access and you'll immediately be able to view all product details, see list prices for available products, access literature etc. However, to fully benefit from all the site features we recommend registering so that we can deliver personalised content such as your pre-agreed institute specific pricing.

Follow our Steps for Sign-up below to keep up-to-date with the latest news and product offers.

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Sign-up Step.1

Click the 'Register' button toward the top right of your screen.

Step .2


Sign-up Step.2

Complete the details as requested.

* Denotes compulsory field

Step .3


Sign-up Step.3

When you have entered your contact details, click 'Register'.


You will now be greeted with your new Dashboard where all your account information can be accessed and maintained.
You can Manage your Billing and Delivery Address(es), review Orders placed or previously Saved Baskets and manage Newsletter subscriptions.

New Features

Our new site has a wealth of improved features including;

  • Account registration (enabling access to your online orders, account specific pricing following linkage to your account, address and newsletter management etc.)
  • Quick Buy checkout
  • User-friendly intuitive interface
  • Capability to place product reviews
  • Order tracking and the ability to re-order

Improved User Experience

Save time looking for the information/product you require

  • New mega menu navigates you quickly to the product area of interest
  • Filter categories to create accurate search results
  • Sort search results based on your requirements whether it be alphanumeric, price or description 
  • Store your billing and default delivery address for simplified checkout procedure
  • International ordering now available
  • Responsive design optimised for PCs, laptops, tablets and phones

Packed with Product Information

Find your product and everything there is to know about it!

A comprehensive review and upgrade of product information and the way it is accessed means you can quickly source Specifications, Literature or even Delivery and Storage conditions. Using our new 'Tabbed' layout, you can choose between;

  • Product Information
  • Specification
  • Delivery Storage
  • Product Reviews
  • Alternative Products
  • Literature 
  • or Contact us if you'd like a demo, sample or to speak with your local sales reprensentative

Built for You

Survey Results

We invited customers from the UK to provide us with feedback and opinions regarding their use of the World Wide Web. Our survey entitled 'Scientific Website Usage' was formed from 9 questions including the following;

  • Why and how often do you use scientific suppliers' websites?
  • Do you buy online from Alpha Laboratories?
  • How often have you visited the Alpha Laboratories website?
  • How did you find out about the Alpha Laboratories site?
  • Based on your experience, how do you rate the following aspects of the Alpha Laboratories website...
  • If there's something particular you like about our site, we'd love to hear about it...
  • Please tell us if there's something you think could be improved on the Alpha Laboratories site...
  • In the future, how likely are you to use the Alpha website to...
  • How likely are you to recommend the Alpha Laboratories website to a colleague?

A big Thank You to all of those who responded!

Survey Results

We received 970 completed surveys and studied the information in detail.

You made valuable suggestions regarding the appearance, layout and level of information you'd like to see. Some suggestions were, 'challenging' and others simply unachievable but on the whole we're confident you'll be impressed with the improvements.

Try searching for your most frequently ordered item or plunge into an area never explored before, enjoy!

Some of the customer suggestions we've taken on board...

"Make the home page less busy, bolder colours and design might help users to navigate to relevant areas faster."

"I think that the content should be organised in subfolders so everyone can find exactly what they need."

"Improve the search returns with images and filtering"

"Make it easier to use on mobile devices"

"Combine the product information with the online shop"

"We'd really like to have access to our institute pricing on the website"

"Clear pricing information and delivery costs"

"Larger text and less crowded pages"

"More product images"