A pipette is one of the most extensively used tools in a laboratory. With so many techniques depending on the transfer of often minute sample volumes, accuracy and precision are essential.

Take a look at the full range available from Alpha Laboratories, including Sartorius' electronic and mechanical pipettes, and our own brand alpha+, for accuracy and economy within a modern design.

Single Channel Manual Pipettes

Single channel pipettes are the most commonly used pipettes in research and lab environments. They are used to dispense measured volumes of liquid from as little as 0.1µl. They are available in starter kits within the mLINE and Proline Plus ranges.

Multichannel Manual Pipettes

Multichannel pipettes reduce the workload of a single channel pipette when working with large volumes of samples. Using either an 8 or 12 pipette tip head, they are ideal for working with 96-, 384- or even 1536-well plates.

Single Channel Electronic Pipettes
Electronic pipette control guarantees user-independent results, plus light, ergonomic designs take care of the user's comfort. With multiple pipetting modes and wide volume ranges the electronic pipettes perform faster than manual pipettes.
Multichannel Electronic Pipettes
For maximum productivity and minimum user effort, electronic multichannel pipettes offer the ultimate solution.
Pipetting Accessories

Pipetting accessories are available for both the Sartorius Biohit and Alpha+ range of pipettes, from Safe-cone filters to pipette stands.

Reagent Reservoirs

Reagent reservoirs and vessels for automated and non-automated applications.

Stands and Holders

Compatible stands and holders are available for single and multi-channel pipettes. Choose from storage or charging stands and single position or multi-place options.

Tacta Manual Pipettes

Optimal Care for You and Your Science

Tacta premium manual pipettes make pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.

mLINE® Manual Pipettes

The highly popular mLINE mechanical pipette from Sartorius provides an advanced design for excellent ergonomics and perfect performance.

Proline® Plus Manual Pipettes

Proline Plus is one of the latest generation Sartorius (Biohit family) pipettes. It's smart, modern style comes with advanced technology to deliver excellent performance in both research and routine applications.

Proline® Manual Pipettes

Proline was the first Sartorius (Biohit) range and is established in laboratories worldwide. Reliable, durable and affordable, it's ideal for teaching and routine applications.

alpha+ Manual Pipettes

These lightweight, easy-to-use pipettes are robust and reliable, even in the most challenging environments. They provide unsurpassed accuracy at a very affordable price for true quality and economy.

Picus® Electronic Pipettes

The most ergonomic and sophisticated pipette in the market for laboratory professionals who demand the highest quality, safety and reliability in their work.

Pipette Calibration Equipment

It is important to carry out regular checks on your instruments after they have been serviced and calibrated, to ensure they are working optimally and within specification.