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Effortless Accuracy

A pipette is one of the most extensively used tools in a laboratory. With so many techniques depending on the transfer of often minute sample volumes, accuracy and precision are essential.


Colour-coded caps on Sartorius Pipettes help to identify compatibility with Sartorius Optifit and SafetySpace Tips.


Volume ranges of Tips are shown below.


Colour Volume Range


View the Sartorius Optifit Tip Range


View the Sartorius SafetySpace Tip Range

Using quality pipettes and tips is only part of the solution for the best accuracy and precision in your liquid handling. Proper training and the routine use of good technique will maximise your pipetting performance for better experimental results.

Pipetting Academy Seminars

Alpha Laboratories offers a training programme known as Pipetting Academy  in partnership with Sartorius, the world leaders in liquid handling technology. Available in two versions, Essentials and the new Advanced Seminar, the programme brings together the ideas and experiences of Sartorius’ technical specialists, third party consultants and end-users. Through a combination of videos, presentations and practical activities you will learn valuable information on how to improve your pipetting performance.

Find out more about Pipetting Academy

  • Pipetting Academy™ Advanced

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    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

    Training Brochure

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  • Pipetting Academy™ Essentials

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    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

    Training Brochure

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Choosing the Right Pipette

Are you using the right pipette for your needs?

A pipette is one of the most extensively used tools in a laboratory. In addition to transferring liquids accurately and precisely, pipettes have many other benefits that can help you work more efficiently.

Use our Pipette Range Selector to find the best pipette for your application, your workload or your budget.

Choosing the Right Pipette

Choosing the Right Pipette

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  • Choosing the Right Pipette
  • Single Channel Manual Pipettes

    Single Channel Manual Pipettes

    Single channel pipettes are the most commonly used pipettes in research and lab environments. They are used to dispense measured volumes of liquid from as little as 0.1µl. They are available in starter kits within the mLINE and Proline Plus ranges.

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  • Multichannel Manual Pipettes

    Multichannel Manual Pipettes

    Multichannel pipettes reduce the workload of a single channel pipette when working with large volumes of samples. Using either an 8 or 12 pipette tip head, they are ideal for working with 96-, 384- or even 1536-well plates.

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  • Single Channel Electronic Pipettes

    Single Channel Electronic Pipettes

    Electronic pipette control guarantees user-independent results, plus light, ergonomic designs take care of the user's comfort. With multiple pipetting modes and wide volume ranges the electronic pipettes perform faster than manual pipettes.
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  • Multichannel Electronic Pipettes

    Multichannel Electronic Pipettes

    For maximum productivity and minimum user effort, electronic multichannel pipettes offer the ultimate solution.
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  • Electronic Pipettes

    Electronic Pipettes

    Electronic pipettes, an essential tool for daily repetitive liquid handling. Reduces the strain of a manual pipette with their light, ergonomic designs while maintaining accuracy and improving on performance.

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  • Pipetting Accessories

    Pipetting Accessories

    Pipetting accessories are available for both the Sartorius Biohit and Alpha+ range of pipettes, from Safe-cone filters to pipette stands.

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  • Pipette Spare Parts

    Pipette Spare Parts

    A range of spare parts are available for both the manual and electronic ranges.

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  • Reagent Reservoirs

    Reagent Reservoirs

    Reagent reservoirs and vessels for automated and non-automated applications.

    View more
  • Stands and Holders

    Stands and Holders

    Compatible stands and holders are available for single and multi-channel pipettes. Choose from storage or charging stands and single position or multi-place options.

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  • Pipette Warranty

    Pipette Warranty

    For warranty claims against Pipettes purchased from Alpha, please complete the online form below, or alternatively call us to report it and obtain a claim reference.
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  • Pipetting Academy - Training

    Pipetting Academy - Training

    Alpha Laboratories offers a free training programme known as Pipetting Academy™ in partnership with Sartorius, the world leaders in liquid handling technology.
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  • Tacta Manual Pipettes

    Tacta Manual Pipettes

    Optimal Care for You and Your Science

    Tacta premium manual pipettes make pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.
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  • mLINE® Manual Pipettes

    mLINE® Manual Pipettes

    The highly popular mLINE mechanical pipette from Sartorius provides an advanced design for excellent ergonomics and perfect performace.
    Get yours now at these great value prices.
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  • Proline Plus® Manual Pipettes

    Proline Plus® Manual Pipettes

    Proline Plus is one of the latest generation Sartorius (Biohit family) pipettes. It's smart, modern style comes with advanced technology to deliver excellent performance in both research and routine applications.

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  • Proline® Manual Pipettes

    Proline® Manual Pipettes

    Proline was the first Sartorius (Biohit) range and is established in laboratories worldwide. Reliable, durable and affordable, it's ideal for teaching and routine applications.

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  • alpha+ Manual Pipettes

    alpha+ Manual Pipettes

    These lightweight, easy-to-use pipettes are robust and reliable, even in the most challenging environments. They provide unsurpassed accuracy at a very affordable price for true quality and economy.

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  • Picus® Electronic Pipettes

    Picus® Electronic Pipettes

    The most ergonomic and sophisticated pipette in the market for laboratory professionals who demand the highest quality, safety and reliability in their work.

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  • eLINE® Electronic Pipettes

    eLINE® Electronic Pipettes

    Designed to deliver the highest level of analytical accuracy with complete comfort and minimum user strain, eLINE pipettes are proven performers.

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