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Calprotectin Turbidimetric High Throughput Testing

Speed, Quality and Flexibility in Calprotectin Quantification

BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo is a flexible turbidimetric assay for faecal calprotectin applicable on many major clinical chemistry platforms.


BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo allows very rapid and flexible random access use, as well as being the ideal solution for high throughput applications in the routine laboratory.

The assay can be applied on many automated platforms in clinical chemistry and allows short turnaround time from stool sample to reportable result.

The combination of the test with the BÜHLMANN CALEX® Cap extraction device strongly simplifies the cumbersome procedure for stool pre-analytics and is adapted to the use on clinical chemistry analysers.

No additional pipetting and manual dilution steps are required anymore.

 Assay protocols available:

  • Siemens:  Advia 1650, Advia 1800, Advia XPT, Dimension Vista500/1500*
  • Roche: Cobas 6000 (c501 & c502), Cobas 8000 (c701 & c702), Cobas Integra 800, Cobas Integra 400, Cobas c111
  • Abbott: Architect c series
  • Mindray: BS380, BS-200E, BS-400
  • Beckman: AU Series (AU400, AU480, AU640, AU680, AU2700, AU5400, AU5800) DxC600 and DxC800
  • ThermoFisher: Konelab30i, Indiko
  • Ortho: Vitros 5600
  • The Binding Site: Optilite
  • Horiba: ABX Pentra 400
  • IDS: iSYS

Other instrument protocols currently in validation, please enquire


Sample Type                         

Kit Format



Sample Preparation           

Reagent on Board             


Calibration Range             

Measuring Range              

Sample Volume                 

Time to Result


Particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay (PETIA)

Faecal extracts

2 reagents; wedge bottles for direct loading on many platforms

Reagents last for ~200 tests; platform dependent

All assay components are also available individually

CALEX® Cap extracts can be used directly without additional dilution

Stable for at least 60 days

Stable for up to 60 days

0-2000 μg/g

20-8000 μg/g

~10 µl Extract (1:500)

~10 minutes

On many major platforms


  • Analytical and diagnostic performance of two automated fecal calprotectin immunoassays for detection of inflammatory bowel disease

    • PDF size: 9.45KB
    • Uploaded on: 16/02/2017

    De Sloovere et al 2016

    Open File
  • Analytical Performance of a Fecal CALPROTECIN (fCAL) PETIA Test

    • PDF size: 334.13KB
    • Uploaded on: 08/04/2016

    Open File
  • BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo Correlation

    • PDF size: 11.84KB
    • Uploaded on: 24/03/2017

    Faecal Calprotectin Assay Proves Consistent between Multiple Analysers

    Open File
  • Calprotectin and Clinical Correlation

    • PDF size: 11.94KB
    • Uploaded on: 08/03/2018

    Biochemistry Department, Mercy University Hospital - Case Study from Leading Edge 2018 Issue 1

    Open File
  • Calprotectin Home vs. Laboratory Test

    • PDF size: 6.92KB
    • Uploaded on: 08/03/2018

    Biochemistry Department, Mercy University Hospital - Case Study from Leading Edge 2018 Issue 1

    Open File
  • Calprotectin Revolution and Evolution

    • PDF size: 12.37KB
    • Uploaded on: 17/03/2017

    Open File
  • Case Study 1: On Board with fCAL® turbo at Cumberland Infirmary

    • PDF size: 12.02KB
    • Uploaded on: 05/07/2017

    Pamela Bowe describes the evolution of calprotectin testing in the Department of Biochemistry

    Open File
  • Case Study 2 - Introducing in-house Calprotectin Testing Directly on the Roche cobas® c702

    • PDF size: 10.49KB
    • Uploaded on: 05/07/2017

    Rosie Forster and Karen Smith, Clinical Biochemistry, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

    Open File
  • Case Study 3: Evaluation of the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo test on the Roche Cobas® c501

    • PDF size: 11.47KB
    • Uploaded on: 05/07/2017

    Interview with Yvonne Schallberger, Bioanalytica Lucerne 2

    Open File
  • Case Study 4: Children’s Hospital of Zurich introduces fCAL turbo on the Beckman UniCel DxC 600

    • PDF size: 10.62KB
    • Uploaded on: 05/07/2017

    Interview with Maria Barbieru Deputy Senior Biomedical Analyst, Department of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Children’s Hospital of Zurich

    Open File
  • Case Study 5: City Hospital Triemli Optimizes Laboratory Workflow For Calprotectin Testing

    • PDF size: 10.40KB
    • Uploaded on: 05/07/2017

    Interview with Anita Grünauer (BMA) et al., Institute for Laboratory Medicine, City Hospital Triemli, Zurich

    Open File
  • Case Study 6 - Laborgemeinschaft 1 brings Calprotectin Testing In-house with BUHLMANN fCAL® turbo

    • PDF size: 10.55KB
    • Uploaded on: 05/07/2017

    Interview with Carmela Gugliotta (BMA), Laborgemeinschaft 1, Rautistrasse 11, 8047 Zurich, Switzerland

    Open File
  • Case Study 7 - Bringing Calprotectin Testing In-house on the Abbott Architect C8000

    • PDF size: 8.56KB
    • Uploaded on: 16/03/2018

    Mary O’Connell née Deasy, Biochemistry Department Mercy University Hospital Cork, Ireland

    Open File
  • Case Study 8 - The Evolution of Calprotectin Testing at James Cook University Hospital: fCAL turbo on the Siemens Advia 2400 XPT.

    • PDF size: 10.37KB
    • Uploaded on: 28/03/2018

    Mr Andrew Teggert, Clinical Scientist, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough

    Open File
  • Diagnostics for Digestive Health Management

    • PDF size: 10.23MB
    • Uploaded on: 18/05/2018

    Open File
  • Evaluation of the BÜHLMANN fCAL Turbo Faecal Calprotectin Assay on the Abbott Architect C8000. Comparison to the Phadia EliA and the IBDoc® home test kit.

    • PDF size: 1.43MB
    • Uploaded on: 19/01/2018

    MSc Research Project Scientific Paper, Mary O’ Connell, Eithne Barden, Biochemistry Laboratory, Mercy University Hospital, Cork, Republic of Ireland.

    Open File
  • Evaluation of the BÜHLMANN fCAL™ turbo Calprotectin Method on the Roche Cobas 6000 (c501)

    • PDF size: 10.12KB
    • Uploaded on: 26/05/2017

    Poster ACB Focus 2017: P Bowe, F Leslie, S Slack, Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle

    Open File
  • fCAL turbo datasheet

    • PDF size: 9.48KB
    • Uploaded on: 29/01/2016

    Open File
  • fCAL turbo® flyer

    • PDF size: 10.71KB
    • Uploaded on: 03/05/2017

    Immunoturbidimetric Faecal Calprotectin Assay

    Open File
  • The Way to Total Automation of Calprotectin Measurement In Faeces with BÜHLMANN fCAL®turbo

    • PDF size: 10.12KB
    • Uploaded on: 05/07/2016

    Schallberger et al. Poster - Abstracts Swiss MedLab 2016

    Open File
  • Verification and implementation of faecal calprotectin using the BÜHLMANN fCAL® turbo assay

    • PDF size: 12.29KB
    • Uploaded on: 14/06/2017

    Evans et al., Heart Of England NHS Foundation Trust. Use on the Abbott ARCHITECT platform.

    Open File

The Way to Total Automation of Calprotectin Measurement in Faeces with BÜHLMANN fCALl® turbo and CALEX® Cap on the Roche Cobas C501.
Yvonne Schallberger, Yvonne Staiger, Marius Ruessi, Lukas Bestmann
Bioanalytica, St.Anna-Strasse36, CH-6006 Lucerne, Switzerland
Swiss Union of Laboratory Medicine
Abstracts Swiss MedLab 2016


A Novel Turbidimetric Immunoassay for Fecal Calprotectin Optimized for Routine Chemistry Analyzers
T Nilsen et al. J Clin Lab Anal. 
University of Uppsala and the Karolinska Institute Stockholm


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