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Single Channel Manual Pipettes

Single Channel Manual Pipettes

Single channel pipettes are the most commonly used pipettes in research and lab environments. They are used to dispense measured volumes of liquid from as little as 0.1µl. They are available in starter kits within the mLINE and Proline Plus ranges.

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  • Tacta Manual Pipettes

    Tacta Manual Pipettes

    Optimal Care for You and Your Science

    Tacta premium manual pipettes make pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time.
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  • mLINE® Manual Pipettes

    mLINE® Manual Pipettes

    mLINE is Sartorius' most advanced mechanical pipette. It offers a unique combination of novel and patented features for effortless and accuracy and precision,

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  • Proline Plus® Manual Pipettes

    Proline Plus® Manual Pipettes

    Proline Plus is one of the latest generation Sartorius (Biohit family) pipettes. It's smart, modern style comes with advanced technology to deliver excellent performance in both research and routine applications.

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  • Proline® Manual Pipettes

    Proline® Manual Pipettes

    Proline is the longest standing mechanical pipette in the Sartorius (Biohit) family and is still a favourite in many laboratories due to its practical design and reliability. It's ideal for teaching and routine applications.

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  • alpha+ Manual Pipettes

    alpha+ Manual Pipettes

    These lightweight, easy-to-use pipettes are robust and reliable, even in the most challenging environments. They provide unsurpassed accuracy at a very affordable price for true quality and economy.

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