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The complete package for allergy diagnosis also includes a library of over 150 standardised allergens that are quality controlled, validated and standardised.



There have been multicentre studies on beta-Lactam antibiotics and NSAIDs performed and from these the European Network for Drug Allergy (ENDA) concluded that using the CAST® assays significantly reduces the need for potentially dangerous and costly drug provocation tests. It was also found that the CAST® assays are superior to sIgE determinations.


The CAST® assays have 91% sensitivity and 95% specificity in Bee/Wasp testing. This means that it is possible to identify the actual culprit insect and support the clinical diagnosis in patients with ambiguous clinical history, skin tests or controversial sIgE. Recent studies show that the Flow CAST® is a very useful test for detecting double positivity due to CCD and is a promising tool to follow up specific immunotherapy (SIT).


The CAST® assays are powerful tools for the discrimination and identification of cross reactivity between clinically relevant and irrelevant IgE. Recent studies confirm the BAT as a useful tool in the in vitro diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy due to its better sensitivity (91%) and specificity (90%) than sIgE (67% for both).

Food Additives

The diagnosis of food additive allergies is known to be very difficult as non immunological reactions are usually assumed to be the primary cause for the patients’ symptoms. The CAST® assays are the only assays available that can measure these allergies by the in vitro reaction.

  • Allergen Product List

    • PDF size: 1.67MB
    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

    Reference list of available BÜHLMANN Allergens

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  • Drug Allergen Booklet

    • PDF size: 1.78MB
    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

    Details and References relating to the CAST Drug Allergens

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  • Inhalant, Venom, Food and Environmental Allergens Booklet

    • PDF size: 1.34MB
    • Updated on: 04/07/2018

    Details and References relating to the CAST Inhalant, Venom, Food and Environmental Allergens

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  • Diagnosing Drug Allergy: A Rational Approach

    • PDF size: 10.26KB
    • Updated on: 05/07/2018

    Discussion by Dr Cathy van Rooyen, Allergy, Immunology & Virology Pathologist at AMPATH Pathology

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  • CAST Southampton NHST user report

    • PDF size: 11.09KB
    • Updated on: 09/07/2018

    The Department of Immunology describes their experience using the Basophil Activation Test in a clinical setting.

    Open File

Basophil activation test discriminates between allergy and tolerance in peanut-sensitized children
Santos at al. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology;Volume 134, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 645–652

Diagnosis of Immediate-Type ß-Lactam Allergy In Vitro by Flow-Cytometric Basophil Activation Test and Sulfi doleukotriene Production: A Multicenter Study
De Weck at al. J Investig Allergol Clin Immunol;Volume 19, Issue 2, 2009, Pages 91-109

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