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Filter Tips

Filter Tips

There are three aerosol resistant filter tip ranges available from Alpha Labs to keep your pipettes and samples free of contamination. All are produced from the highest quality virgin polypropylene and are certified for the absence of DNase, RNase, Hum


ZAP Premier

The flexible fit and wide variety of tip styles in the ZAP Premier range provides excellent compatibility with all popular pipette brands including:

  • Gilson
  • Biohit
  • Eppendorf
  • Rainin*
  • Brand
  • Thermo

Sartorius (Biohit) SafetySpace

These tips have been designed to leave a larger than normal air space between the sample and the filter. This avoids the problem of the sample coming into contact with the filter and is particularly useful in the following applications which require an extra volume in the tip:

  • Pipetting foaming liquids such as buffers and proteins
  • Pipetting solvents
  • Multiple dispensing functions of electronic pipettes
  • Reverse pipetting


The choice of filter tips encompasses the following:

  • Standard filter tips for PCR and other applications in the volume range 0.1-1,250µl
  • Wide bore “Cell Saver” Tips in the volume range 20-1000µl
  • Low retention tips for protein work in the volume range 0.5-1,000µl
  • Gel-loading tips for electrophoresis in the volume range 0.5-100µl
  • Large volume tips in the volume range 5-10ml

Alpha Laboratories has an extensive range of pipette tips for both routine and specialist applications. As part of an ongoing development programme, we continually improve our range to meet customer demands.

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  • ZAP™ Premier Filter Tips

    ZAP™ Premier Filter Tips

    ZAP™ Premier filter tips give you ultimate protection for both your pipette and sample without making a big hole in your budget. There is a wide range to fit most brands of pipette.

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  • Aerogard® Filter Tips

    Aerogard® Filter Tips

    Aerogard® – These racked & loose filter tips offer effective aerosol protection and are available in a diverse range of tip styles including low retention, gel-loading and large volume options.

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  • Sartorius (Biohit) SafetySpace™

    Sartorius (Biohit) SafetySpace™

    Sartorius filter tips are manufactured to perfectly match Sartorius (Biohit) pipettes. As a result, you have the assurance of an excellent fit and seal, giving the best possible performance.

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  • Other


    Filter tip options are also available for other brands of pipette including Eppendorf and Gilson.

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