Tip Rack Refill Systems

Tip rack refill systems designed to reduce waste, save time and help lower your carbon footprint.

Featuring the Fastrak® system, probably the most eco-friendly pipette tip refill system available.

Fastrak® Tip Refill System

Fast Racking, Less Packing, Quality Tips. Your green choice...without compromise.

Filter Tip Refills - FastZAP™

Now you can reduce your plastic usage when you need a quality aerosol resistant filter tip for your exacting applications.

Paradigm™ Low Retention Tips Reload System
Paradigm™ Pipette Tips were created to improve pipetting accuracy while also increasing throughput.
ATLAS II Tip Refill System

Compact and easy to store; the ATLAS II refill system helps you to maximise storage space in the laboratory. This unique system utilises the ATLAS Tip Loader which allows you to load 96 pipette tips in seconds and save up to 90% on generated waste.