Clinical Applications

From handling a variety of patient samples, whether large or small volume, to preparing slides for analysis, Pastettes provide the perfect tools in the clinical environment.

We have been using the Alpha Laboratories 1ml Pastettes (LW4040) for a number of years and are very pleased with the product.

The reason we like the Pastettes is mainly due to the graduation marks, which are great for aliquoting liquids to a rough measure in equal quantities. They are also very easy to use and to dispose of.

Rebecca Hopson
Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Deputy Services Manager – Prince Charles Hospital

These pastettes have a very fine tip with a small volume and a very controllable bulb. With other products the bulb is too stiff. They are ideal for dispensing into sampling cups without creating bubbles that can disrupt the efficiency of the analyser.”

“We have a long standing relationship with Alpha, because the products are cost effective, and the quality is very good. We also like the service provided with a dedicated contact in the sales office and a flexible standing order

Simon Littlewood
Head of Automation BMS3
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Bristol Royal Infirmary

Blood Banking:

  • Rapid transfers

  • Narrow barrel fits tubes and donor bag tubing

  • Controlled drop size

  • Point of Care blood glucose monitoring

  • Calibrated transfers

  • Small volume drop work

  • Small volume drop work particularly blood anaemia tests

  • For blood glucose meters and similar instruments

Remove, Dispense Small Volumes:

  • Remove and separate serum and blood

  • Plasma separation during blood chemistry analysis

  • Transfer in and out of multiwell plates

  • Dispense small drops:- paediatric samples- load haemocytometers- drop-wise application to test strips

Sedimentation and Storage:

  • Blood sedimentation

  • Access to Winthrop tubes

  • Fill, heat-seal and store or aliquot reagents, anti-serum, urine etc.

Bottle Sampling:

  • Sampling from 24 hour urine containers

  • Clinical sample collections

  • Blood culture bottles


  • Smear blood samples

  • Cytology and slide staining techniques

  • Immunostaining on slides and in situ hybridisation

  • Mix and spread reagents


  • Cut bulb in half and insert filter

  • Cut bulb at angle for scoop