Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Alpha Laboratories' purpose is to bring specialist, personalised customer service to scientists and clinicians,
in the provision of quality laboratory and diagnostic products, whilst acting in the most responsible manner.

In pursuit of innovation, performance and value we never compromise on the need to ensure our products are well made, functional, safe and responsibly sourced in a way that respects the environment and people within our supply chain.

Alongside this we aim to make a significant positive impact on society with a broad goal, simply, to contribute to the well-being of the communities and societies we affect and depend on.

Alpha Laboratories is passionate about finding new and sustainable laboratory solutions designed to further scientific discovery and improve the lives of those around them by focusing on three pillars:


We believe that change begins within, and as an inclusive, ethical and diverse organisation, our people are the most important part of our vision.

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We take ownership of sustainability, recognising our environmental impact and acknowledging that carbon reduction is critical to securing a future for all.

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In pursuit of innovation, value and performance we never compromise our ethics or caring responsibility to our employees, customers and suppliers.

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New GRI Sustainability Report

Following on from last year's work with the University of Southampton Business School, we are proud to publish our second sustainability report under the GRI standards.

We commit to annually publishing this information, helping us maintain transparency and accountability in our journey to a more sustainable future.

Latest CSR Updates

Alpha Beach Clean

Several of our staff members participated in a beach clean at one of our local beaches. We collected a range of debris, mostly small fragments of plastic.

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NHS Evergreen

We are pleased to have completed the annual NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment, which resulted in us receiving a Level 2: Comprehensive

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Updated Carbon Footprint & Carbon Reduction Plan

Have a look at our updated carbon footprint data. This is the second year we have had our carbon footprint verified by an external independent party, signalling our commitment to ensuring accountability and transparency within the industry. Also go see our new Carbon Reduction plan, detailing our latest carbon footprint and updates on some of our on-going carbon reduction projects.

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Our United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere.

We have identified the following SDGS which are most applicable to our operations and responsibilities as an organsiation.
All projects and initiatives within our People Planet Culture Strategy are aligned with these goals.