DNA Sequencing Unit

Ideal for a variety of large format vertical gel applications, these units offer advanced features for enhancing gel resolution and ease of use, essential when handling gels of this size.

Each unit contains ultra soft silicone seals for easy plate sealing and trouble-free runs, even over extended run times. Resolution is enhanced by using an aluminium heat sink plate, which is essential for even sample migration.

Added convenience is provided by a removable lower buffer tank and upper buffer drainage tap. Special buffer chambers allow either low buffer volumes to be used for economy or high buffer volumes to be used for extended runs. A wide range of interchangeable comb and spacer options allows a large number of techniques to be easily accomplished.

Applications: DNA Sequencing, 2-D analysis, Micro-satellite analysis, DNA fingerprinting, Gel shift assays, Single-Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP), Heteroduplex and Oligonucleotide analysis.

  • Run up to 96 samples
  • Enhanced gel heat homogenisation
  • Variable low or high buffer volumes
  • 20 x 50cm or 33 x 45cm formats