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Haematology Controls

A wide range of haematology controls for different applications.

  • ISO 15189 : Helping You to Meet the Standard

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  • Cell-Chex®


    Cell-Chex is a body fluid procedural control for red blood cell (RBC) and white blood cell (WBC) counts, crystal identification, and white blood cell differentiation.

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  • Cell-Chex® Auto

    Cell-Chex® Auto

    The first automated body fluid cell count control designed to provide confidence that instrument counts are accurate.

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  • CVA  Linearity Controls

    CVA Linearity Controls

    A range of assayed linearity control kits that can be used to verify calibration and patient reportable range of 3-part and 5-part haematology instruments.

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  • LBC-Chex®


    The first lamellar body count control. Lamellar bodies can be analysed as an indirect estimate of fetal lung maturity and as a potential indicator of respiratory distress syndrome.

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  • Para 12® Plus

    Para 12® Plus

    A five-part whole blood differential control for the Abbott CELL-DYN 3000, 3200, 3500 and 3700.

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  • Para 12® Extend

    Para 12® Extend

    A three-part differential control with distinct populations of lymphocytes, mononuclear cells and granulocytes, but with extended stability suitable for the small laboratory.

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  • STaK-Chex®


    A five-part differential control manufactured at clinically significant low, normal and high levels for all parameters.

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  • Sickle-Chex®


    A positive and negative whole blood control to test for the presence of Haemoglobin S in solubility tests.
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  • ESR-Chex


    A two-level control used to monitor erythrocyte sedimentation rates. Manufactured from human red blood cells, ESR-Chex verifies the precision and accuracy of manual and automated methods.
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  • Total Haemoglobin

    Total Haemoglobin

    For quantification of total haemoglobin in whole blood on photometric analysers.
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  • HbA1c Whole Blood Controls

    HbA1c Whole Blood Controls

    Whole intact red blood cell A1c controls that test the entire HbA1c procedure, including the lysing of the red blood cell — a step omitted with other controls.

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