Pipette Service and Calibration

Pipette Service for Perfect Performance

Alpha Service draws on Sartorius' quality calibration expertise, that is internationally recognised, and our combined scope of knowledge expands beyond our own range of instruments.

We directly provide all calibration needs, including other manufacturers’ brand equipment.

  • We provide scheduled pipette service and calibration carried out by an ISO 17025 accredited partner

  • We offer solutions for regular in-house instrument maintenance and performance-checking between each service

  • We tailor training programmes designed around ISO 8655 for increased pipetting confidence for your laboratory

Choosing the Right Service and Calibration

Alpha Lab Service and Calibration can be carried out by a Sartorius Service Technician at your premises, or you can opt to post your pipettes into the dedicated service and calibration laboratory.

On-site pipette service clinics guarantee the fastest possible turnaround which is especially advantageous if you use your pipettes daily*. Alternatively, post your pipettes in, where the service is carried out in the most advanced calibration laboratory, explicitly designed and built for the purpose of calibration and adjustment.

*Minimum order value applies

Service Levels

Since the work you perform determines which service and calibration level is required for your environment, Alpha Laboratories offers two different service levels:

  1. Service with Standard Calibration Certificate

  2. Service with UKAS Calibration Certificate

These are available for both single and multichannel, electronic and mechanical pipettes, as well as dispensers.

All Service and Calibration options include:

  • Functionality testing

  • Thorough internal and external inspection of parts with replacement of worn parts

  • Leak testing and sealing system checks

  • Full internal and external cleaning

  • Documentation of all tests and work carried out, provided in a full service report

Calibration Levels

Alpha Pipette Service offers six different calibration levels for both Standard and UKAS certification:

10@3 10@2 10@1 5@3 5@2 5@1
10@3 10@2 10@1 5@3 5@2 5@1 10 Gravimetric Weighings 10 Gravimetric Weighings 10 Gravimetric Weighings 5 Gravimetric Weighings 5 Gravimetric Weighings 5 Gravimetric Weighings
10@3 10@2 10@1 5@3 5@2 5@1 at 3 Test Volumes (Min-Mid-Max) at 2 Test Volumes (Min-Mid-Max) at 1 Test Volume (Min-Mid-Max) at 3 Test Volumes (Min-Mid-Max) at 2 Test Volumes (Min-Mid-Max) at 1 Test Volume (Min-Mid-Max)

Pipette Calibration Equipment

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