96-Well Deep Well Plates

Deep-well microtitre plates are perfect for high throughput screening, but are equally suited to sample storage, enzymatic assays, bacteriology and molecular biology techniques.

Conforming to the SBS footprint these plates are compatible with leading robotic sample processors, automated liquid handling systems and 8- or 12-channel pipettes.

All our deep well plates feature alpha numeric indexing with row and column identifiers and orientation cuts to facilitate sample identification. We offer both polystyrene and polypropylene round aperture plates with a 1.2ml well capacity and pierceable sealing mats. Polypropylene, Square aperture plates are also available with both 1.2ml and 2.2ml well capacity options.

Suitable for numerous applications including combinatorial chemistry, cell or bacterial culture, DNA sequencing or library storage.

  • Alphanumeric grid
  • DMSO resistant (polypropylene plate)
  • Stackable
Round Aperture
These plates have round aperture wells, ø6.7mm, with a U-shaped bottom and incorporate a moulded alphanumeric index and a cut corner at position H1 for easy orientation.
Square Aperture
Alpha’s square, 8.3mm aperture deep-well plates are manufactured from tough, DMSO-resistant polypropylene.
Sealing Mats
This 96-well silicon rubber plate sealing mat fits most 96-well plates, and is suitable for pressure-fit lids.