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Antibodies and Immunohistochemistry Reagents

Antibodies and Immunohistochemistry Reagents

The Antibody Shop

An extensive range of antibodies from BioPorto and Wako suitable for use in various immunoassay techniques including: ELISA, Western Blotting, Immunohistochemistry and Immunoprecipitation

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  • IgE


    Variability Free IgE

    The unique DIA HE1 IgE preparation from BioPorto, is the only commercially available human monoclonal IgE antibody.
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  • Immunohistochemistry


    A selection of stains and optimisation reagents for immunohistochemistry and histology protocols.
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  • Recombinant Proteins

    Recombinant Proteins

    These recombinant proteins are well suited for use as standards in quantifying assays ELISA.

    They include NGAL from Mouse, Rat, Dog, Pig, Monkey and Human.

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  • Secondary Antibodies

    Secondary Antibodies

    Labelled antibodies for the detection of primary antibodies in immunoassays.
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  • Primary Antibodies A to C List

    Primary Antibodies A to C List

    The portfolio of quality monoclonal antibodies offered by BioPorto includes well over 200 clones for more than 80 target molecules. This group includes everything from Acetylcholinesterase to Complement Factors.
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  • Primary Antibodies D to L List

    Primary Antibodies D to L List

    In this selection of quality products you'll find everything from D-Dimer to Lipoprotein monoclonal antibodies.
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  • Primary Antibodies M to Z List

    Primary Antibodies M to Z List

    For use in immunoassay development, monoclonal antibodies against a wide range of markers from Mannan-Binding Lectin to von Willebrand Factor.
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  • Primary Antibodies by Application

    Primary Antibodies by Application

    Alpha Laboratories offers a broad range of primary antibodies from Wako and BioPorto. Focus areas include neurobiology, obesity, complement and primary immunodeficiency, coagulation, microbiology, cell biology and acute kidney injury.
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