Sample Handling

Quality Consumables for Sample Collection, Transport, Storage and Processing

Using high quality consumables that maintain sample integrity, ensure no assay interference, prevent leakage and comply with transport regulations is essential.

The quality of analytical results can be very dependent upon how samples have been collected, transported, stored and processed, prior to being tested. Alongside our established range including a wide variety of sample tubes and containers we now have many new lines to support your additional sample handling needs.

Centrifuge Tubes - Large Volume

An extensive range of large volume centrifuge tubes are available from Alpha Laboratories.

Counting Vials
Aseptically manufactured from clear polystyrene, these multipurpose vials are suitable for blood counting or general dilutions.
Culture Tools

Great value, colour-coded culture tools in smooth plastic to avoid damaging culture media surface.  Selection of inoculation loops and cell spreaders for bacterial culture applications.

Cryogenic Vials

Designed for safe, ultra-low temperature storage, Alpha has four ranges of CE marked cryogenic storage vials.

Disposable cuvettes for use in most standard spectrophotometers.
Laboratory Trays and Liners
Spill trays and liners provide safe containment of spillages and lab bench protection.
Microcentrifuge Tubes

An extensive range of microvolume tubes with either flip cap or screw cap seals.

Micro Slide Boxes
Petri Dishes
All Petri Dishes are aseptically manufactured under clean room conditions (class 7 ISO14644) to exclude microbiological contamination.
Round Bottom Test Tubes

Our high clarity, polystyrene test tubes provide excellent sample visibility, making them ideal for sample dilution, precipitation assay or centrifugation protocols.
Plugs and over-tube caps also available.

Sample Containers
Specimen Containers for Sample Collection, Processing, Storage and Transport.
Sample Cups
Alpha's Sample Cups are suitable for use on chemistry and coagulation analysers.
Sample Transport Packaging

Consumables for Sample Transport

SpeciSafe® unique ultra-absorbent, time saving & cost-effective secondary packaging for commonly used vials, plus versatile Biological Sample Mailing Solutions which all ensure UN3373 regulations compliance.


Flexible, mouldable, waterproof, laboratory film for sealing flasks, beakers, and other vessels.
Seal-R-film can stretch to three times its original length and easily fits irregular shapes. 

These polystyrene spatulas are great for measuring out and mixing small amounts of reagent and chemicals. Highly resistant and virtually unbreakable, they have a million and one uses throughout the lab!
Swabs for Sample Collection
Our broad range of swabs is ideal for collecting and transporting virological, bacteriological, serological and cytological samples.
Weighing Dishes
The Alpha polystyrene weighing dishes will resist diluted acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols and bases. They are ideal for many applications such as weighing, dispensing or storing.