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Centrifuge Tubes Large Volume

Centrifuge Tubes - Large Volume

Two ranges of centrifuge tubes are available from Alpha Laboratories. SuperClear™ tubes are designed for more demanding molecular biology applications whilst the Apex ‘Essential’ range offers excellent value for everyday centrifugation and storage.


SuperClear™ tubes are made from a unique non-cytotoxic medical grade resin that is clear and very durable, making it possible to spin these tubes at 20,000g for 50ml tubes and 17,000g for 15ml tubes.

APEX ‘Essential’ 15ml and 50ml Centrifuge tubes are designed for all your routine centrifugation and storage needs. If you are looking for a dependable, high quality tube at a sensible price then our APEX ‘Essential’ range is the perfect solution. 
Equipped with a host of features for ease of use and peace of mind, these tubes are great performers.

The NEW 5ml Conical Base Midi Centrifuge Tubes are the perfect solution for when you need an intermediate volume option between microcentrifuge tubes and 15ml centrifuge tubes.

SuperClear™ tubes include large, white, solvent-resistant labelling areas and black, easy to read graduations.
They have an easy to label flat cap design that includes an integral sealing ring. The caps allow you to seal the tubes to an evaporation seal with a ¾ turn for onehanded operation. A final additional ¼ turn will seal them liquid tight.

SuperClear™ tubes are available in sterile fibre racks, and sterile or non-sterile bags.
All our sterile products use medical grade packaging and are radiation sterilised following a validated ISO 11137 method.

SuperClear centrifuge tubes also excel in their environmental performance. Made in waste-free moulds and printed without V.O.C. (volatile organic compound) pollutants these tubes are environmentally responsible.

  • Certified DNA, DNase, RNase, endotoxin and pyrogen free
  • Certified low in trace metals
  • Can be stored at temperatures between -80C & +122C

APEX ‘Essential’ 15ml and 50ml Centrifuge tubes

The 50ml tube is available in a free-standing (skirted) format, which allows it to stand upright without the need for a rack. It is ideal for transporting samples since it is lab certified to the IATA 95kPa standard.

Racked Tubes
As an eco-friendly alternative to disposable polystyrene racks, APEX® ‘Essential’ centrifuge tubes are supplied in reusable, polypropylene racks, which can be interlinked to form a workstation. They are stackable and durable, being autoclavable at 122C and freezable to -80C. Numbered positions make it easy to identify sample locations. When you have used up the tubes, simply refill the racks with loose ones and reduce your waste output.

The standard pack size is 100 tubes but order in case quantities (multiples of 5 packs) and get a 10% discount on the pack price. (Not available for online orders - Contact Alpha and order directly to get this discount.)

  • Compatible with all popular centrifuges and storage racks
  • Large white, solvent-resistant labelling area on tube
  • Black, easy to read graduations that will not run or rub off
  • Flat cap for easy top labelling
  • Solvent-resistant, high clarity resin
  • Sterile according to a validated and approved ISO method
  • Freezable to -80C
  • Loose or racked options available

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