Centrifuge Tubes - Large Volume

An extensive range of large volume centrifuge tubes are available from Alpha Laboratories.

This includes SuperClear™ tubes which are designed for more demanding applications, AHN myTube for storage & high speed centrifugation and Apex ‘Essential’ range for everyday use. Plus, the MetalFree® tubes that prevent assay interference in sensitive applications. Volume options from 5ml - 225ml.

5ml Centrifuge Tubes

The 5ml Conical Base Midi Centrifuge Tubes are the perfect solution for when you need an intermediate volume option between microcentrifuge tubes and 15ml centrifuge tubes.

15ml Centrifuge Tubes

Choose from the SuperClear™, APEX Essential ranges, AHN myTube® or MetalFree® centrifuge tubes, racked or loose, sterile or non-sterile.

30ml Centrifuge Tubes

Alpha Laboratories’ 30mL, conical bottomed, skirted centrifuge tubes are perfect for use in any applications requiring centrifuge speeds up to 6000g.

50ml Centrifuge Tubes
A range of tubes for your larger volume centrifugation requirements.
175ml Centrifuge Tubes
225ml Centrifuge Tubes