Solutions for Specialist Liquid Handling

Our line of dispensers covers a wide range of applications - from Pipet-Aids and bottle top dispensers for large volume delivery to high precision instruments for nanolitre injections.

Some liquid handling tasks require specialist equipment.

For difficult to handle solutions including viscous, volatile or high density liquids our positive displacement repeating dispensers ensure easy and precise delivery.

They also make light work of all repeat volume delivery tasks, whatever your liquid.

For delicate work Drummond microdispensers ensure reproducible accuracy.

Pipette Controllers - Pipetting Aids
Pipette Controllers and Pipetting Aids for a variety of liquid handling applications.
Serological Pipettes

Our Serological Pipettes are individually wrapped in plastic film packaging or paper peel wrapped and are certified non-pyrogenic with an endotoxin level of below 0.25EU/ml.

Dispenser Tips

A wide variety of tips to fit the stepper dispensers and Serological plugged pipettes for the Pipet-Aids

Sartorius Bottle Top Dispensers

Prospenser and Prospenser Plus

High quality bottle top dispensers with excellent chemical resistance. They are safe, convenient, and customisable, making them perfect for a wide range of dispensing needs.

Biotrate Digital Burette

Sartorius Biotrate is a premium digital burette equipped with sophisticated functions for easy titration. Biotrate offers high chemical resistance and it is a smart solution for titrating various liquids accurately and safely.

Positive Displacement Microdispensers

Positive Displacement Dispensers in Fixed Volume, Dialamatic and Digital formats in conjunction with economical, disposable microcapillaries.

Micro Capillaries

Capillary tubes are available in a range of volumes and lengths to suit different dispensing requirements.

Nanoject Autoinjectors

The Drummond Nanoject III Auto Injectors are high performance instruments, which have been specifically designed to perform ultra-delicate nanolitre injection procedures into cells such as oocytes and embryos.

Dispenser Spare Parts