Sustainable Packaging and Distribution

We are constantly reviewing our packaging materials and distribution methods
to achieve the most sustainable solutions that provide the best performance.


We always want to ensure our products arrive to you in the best possible condition. We use a range of right-sized, sustainable and durable packaging materials dependent on their suitability for the goods being shipped. We use the most environmentally friendly packaging method available, choosing reuse and recycled materials as the primary option. Even our tape is made of paper instead of plastic.

Wherever possible we reuse boxes that we have received goods in from our suppliers, for shipments out to you.

If using new boxes they are made from 70% recycled cardboard. To maximise their durability the outer shell is made from stronger new material, but this comes from sustainable managed sources.

We always use the minimum amount of packaging possible but when void fill is necessary, to protect your products, we use 75% recycled filler paper or bubble wrap made from 30% recycled materials.

Recently we have sourced a durable paper tape to replace plasticised tape for sealing all outer packaging boxes.

Frozen or cold items require special treatment to maintain their integrity. We use small amounts of bubble wrap for these products. Insulated boxes are reused and our own solution consists of a lined cardboard container that minimises styrofoam use whilst providing adequate insulation.


We work with a courier who pursues efficiency and invests in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles to pioneer more sustainable solutions with lower environmental impacts.

New for 2023 - All Electric Ford E-Transit Van

Our new E-Transit van will be used for local deliveries around the Portsmouth and Southampton area. We are very excited to be offering this new service, and to have an economical way to reduce emissions whilst providing increased service levels to our local customers.

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