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Tissue Culture

A wide range of dishes, tubes and flasks for cell and tissue culture applications.

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  • Cell Scrapers

    Cell Scrapers

    These cell scrapers are specifically designed to easily collect adherent cells in flasks, Petri dishes and Roller bottles. They avoid the use of trypsin which could alter the surface proteins. Supplied sterile.
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  • Tissue Culture Dishes

    Tissue Culture Dishes

    Choose from our comprehensive range of tissue culture dishes.
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  • Tissue Culture Flasks

    Tissue Culture Flasks

    Standard tissue culture plus multi-layered and Erlenmeyer flasks.
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  • Tissue Culture Tubes

    Tissue Culture Tubes

    Cell culture tubes with a round bottom. These tubes are made from high optical quality polystyrene. They have a double position vented cap, and a cell culture-treated surface.

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  • Tissue Culture Multiwell Plates

    Tissue Culture Multiwell Plates

    Choose from our comprehensive range of multiwell, tissue culture plates - confidence in every dish.
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