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Tissue Culture Multiwell Plates

Choose from our comprehensive range of multiwell, tissue culture plates - confidence in every dish.

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  • PrimeSurface® Non Adherent Surface

    PrimeSurface® Non Adherent Surface

    The PrimeSurface range of plastic culture vessels developed by the Sumitomo Bakelite Company has low cell adhesion properties due to proprietary low-protein-adsorption technology. This makes them ideal for spheroid cell colony formation.
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  • Standard Adherent Surface

    Standard Adherent Surface

    These dishes offer a cell-adherent surface and are non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic. Supplied sterile with a lid these multi-dishes have a standard SBS footprint and are clear in colour.

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  • Specialist Adherent Surface

    Specialist Adherent Surface

    The Celltight range of culture ware has been pre-coated with collagen, gelatin or Poly-L-Lysine to enhance cell adhesion and is well suited to use with primaries and nerve cells.
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  • CellGrade


    For the cultivation of adherent cell lines. CellGrade™ Plus is ideal for cultivation of fastidious cell lines.
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