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Cryogenic Vials

Cryogenic Vials

Designed for safe, ultra-low temperature storage, Alpha has four ranges of CE marked cryogenic storage vials.


  • 'The Classic' Range - designed for basic security
  • 'Feel the Seal' Range - ideal for storage of large batches
  • 'Ultimate Security' Range - dual washer and flange for the highest level of sample security
  • 'High Capacity' Range - ideal for larger samples

  • Strong vial and cap – a special grade of polypropylene, chosen for its consistent strength, is used to make all our vials. As a result, both vial and cap can withstand the harsh -196C temperature of vapour phase liquid nitrogen. Please note that they are not designed for use in the liquid phase.
  • Secure seal – the cap and tube are made from the same material so with temperature change, they shrink and expand in unison.
  • Fast opening/closing – 11/4 turns is all that is required to close the cap securely. This is important when large quantities of vials are being used because it saves time and means there is less chance of the cap not being closed securely.
  • Simple one-handed operation – all free-standing vials, when used with a workstation, enable you to unscrew vials with one handed.
  • Sterile – all vials are gamma irradiated to ensure absolute sterility.
  • Certified free from RNase, DNase, Pyrogens, human DNA and metals
  • Clear graduations – at 100μl intervals to facilitate reading of your sample volume.
  • Large white marking area – for sample labelling and identification.
  • Free-standing and locking base – stand the vials on the bench or use them one-handed in a workstation.
  • Supplied in tamper-evident, resealable bag – clean and sterile.
  • Cap insert – available in 11 different colours. Perfect for colour coding. Not compatible with LW3439.

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