Cryogenic Vials

Designed for safe, ultra-low temperature storage, Alpha has four ranges of CE marked cryogenic storage vials.

All products in this range are certified free from RNase, DNase, pyrogens and DNA. Alpha Laboratories’ cryogenic vials come in either free-standing or round-bottom base designs.

Classic Cryovials
Internally Threaded – with Silicone Washer. Designed to improve safety compared with standard screw cap microcentrifuge tubes.
Colour code cap inserts
Available in 11 different colours. Perfect for colour coding.
Ultimate Security Cryovials
Externally Threaded – with Flange/Washer Combination.
High Capacity Cryovials
Externally Threaded – Our jumbo, free-standing, externally threaded cryovials have a working volume of 9.5ml.
Feel the Seal Cryovials
Internally Threaded – with Silicone O-Ring. It’s true, you really can feel when the cap is securely closed.