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Microplates and PCR Consumables

Micropates and PCR Consumables

The importance of high quality microplates and PCR consumables should not be underestimated.

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  • PCR Plates

    PCR Plates

    Alpha Laboratories’ newly extended range of PCR plates now offers you a wide choice for compatibility with most Thermal Cyclers currently available.
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  • PCR Tubes and Caps

    PCR Tubes and Caps

    Designed with ultra thin walls for optimal heat transfer and sample security, this range of 0.2ml and 0.5ml PCR tubes and 0.2ml PCR 8 or 12-strip tubes offers excellent performance and value.
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  • Plate Sealing

    Plate Sealing

    Microplates are a standard tool in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories. They are used in virtually every Life Sciences application as they simplify the handling of large numbers of samples and enable automation.

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  • 96-Well Microtitre Plates

    96-Well Microtitre Plates

    Alpha's shallow, 96-well, microtitre plates incorporate a moulded alphanumeric index with cut-away corners at positions H1 and H12 for easy orientation.
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  • 96-Well Deep Well Plates

    96-Well Deep Well Plates

    Deep-well microtitre plates are perfect for high throughput screening, but are equally suited to sample storage, enzymatic assays, bacteriology and molecular biology techniques.
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  • 384-Well Deep Well Plates

    384-Well Deep Well Plates

    Alpha has a selection of 384 deep well plates, sturdy polypropylene conforming to the standard SBS footprint perfect for compound storage and handling of biological samples.
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  • Organised Microtubes and Caps

    Organised Microtubes and Caps

    A great alternative to deep well plates, Alpha’s racked microtubes conform to the SBS footprint and are just as versatile.
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  • Tissue Culture Plates

    Tissue Culture Plates

    Choose from our comprehensive range of tissue culture plates - confidence in every dish.
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