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Dual Bulb Exact Volume Pastettes

Designed to dispense a known volume of liquid. Simply squeeze the upper bulb to fill, and squeeze again to dispense the exact volume.

Foolproof simplicity for exact volume delivery. The innovative Dual-Bulb Pastettes are a quick and easy alternative to pipettes and tips. They are useful for many applications, and particularly ideal for use by untrained personnel as part of a self-test diagnostic kit. They are available in a range of convenient dispensing volumes from 20-300μl.

A simple solution for fast, measured liquid transfers. This clever design enables dispensing of an exact volume, without the need to refer to graduation marks or to control dispensing using the pipette bulb.

  • Dual Bulb Exact Volume Pastette®

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    • Uploaded on: 21/07/2017

    Data Sheet

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  • Pastette® - The Global Name for Transfer Pipettes

    • PDF size: 3.12MB
    • Uploaded on: 19/04/2017

    Pastette Brochure with 2017 Pricing

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  • Pastette® Wallchart

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    • Uploaded on: 18/09/2015

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