Platelet Aggregation Profiling

Bio/Data Corporation pioneered (LTA) Light Transmission Aggregometry for use in clinical settings, developing and enhancing numerous aggregometer models. 

PAR/Pak®II kit containing ADP soluble Collagen & Adrenaline. ADP(2 x 10-4M) 1 x 0.5ml Collagen(1.9mg/ml) 1 x 0.5ml Ristocetin(15mg/ml) 1 x 0.5ml
Platelet agonists (ADP Collagen Ristocetin) 3 x 0.5ml for use in platelet aggregation testing
Calf Skin Collagen agonist (type 1)  lyophilised 3 x 0.5 ml for platelet aggregation assays
TX A<sub>2<sub/> U-46619
TX A2 U-46619
Pack Size: 1
LTA Check&#8482; &#10004; Kit Companion Software
Micro Test tube with stir bar for use with PAP8/PAP4 aggregometer systems 7.25 x 55 mm 50 tubes BioData
Software and hardware upgrade for PAP 8 Platelet Aggregation Profiler systems, BioData
Light Transmission Aggregometer Calibration kit ensures all channels are calibrated to the same level
Platelet agonist TRAP-6 amide for research use only
Ristocetin coFactor assay kit with all reagents required including purified water to run 50 tests.
Light transmission platelet aggregometer to measure platelet aggregation agglutination activation and inhibition PAP 8E BioData
Stir-bar for use with micro tubes in platelet aggregation systems, plastic coated, Sti-Bar PAP 8E, BioData