Allergen Response Assays

Using the BÜHLMANN CAST® range of Allergy assays can significantly decrease the amount of provocation tests that need to be performed.

Alpha Laboratories supplies the BÜHLMANN CAST® (Cellular Allergen Stimulation Test) allergy assays in two different formats.

Flow CAST® Basophil Activation Test

The Flow CAST® is intended for the determination of basophil activation in patient whole blood samples by flow cytometry. The unique marker combination (CCR3 and CD63) combines the simple gating properties for basophil detection of CCR3 with the solid application of the proven activation marker CD63 in one. Thanks to its easy protocol and smart marker combination the first results can be obtained within one hour - perfect conditions for routine laboratories. 


The CAST® ELISA is an in vitro allergy provocation test. The collected patient's leukocyte blood fraction is exposed in vitro to the suspected specific allergen. After incubation the cellular supernatant will be tested for the de novo synthesis of sulfidoleukotrienes by a highly specific ELISA.


Over 140 BÜHLMANN allergens that are quality controlled, validated and standardised complement the allergy test range.


Flow CAST® Basophil Activation Test