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Faecal Sample Extraction Devices

A range of products are now available to simplify and assist the pre-analytical faecal extraction process.


Transform Your Calprotectin Testing

New from BÜHLMANN, the market leading calprotectin assay provider*, the unique CALEX® Cap stool extraction device contains a measured amount of calprotectin extraction buffer.

The need for sample weighing, pipetting or decanting is eliminated and direct loading of the extraction device onto ELISA processors and automated platforms is enabled.

With rapid, clean and consistent sample preparation every time, the BÜHLMANN CALEX® extraction device will improve workflow efficiency whatever your calprotectin requirements:

  • Extended range Quantum Blue® point of care calprotectin enables simple sample preparation by patients with the CALEX Cap
  • CALEX Cap devices can be directly loaded onto DS2's for BÜHLMANN fCAL™ ELISA
  • CALEX Cap devices can be directly loaded onto many clinical chemistry platforms for BÜHLMANN fCAL™ Turbo
  • IBDoc® Calprotectin self tests use the CALEX valve for a simplified test process

* As determined by NEQAS returns.

Rapid, Clean & Consistent Calprotectin Sample Preparation Every Time 

Users of the BÜHLMANN range of faecal calprotectin assays can now improve efficiency and laboratory workflow with the new CALEX® Cap extraction device:

  • Patients can be given the CALEX to return instead of stool samples 
  • Delivers a precise amount of faecal sample
  • Optimal dilution is achieved
  • Can be used directly on many automated ELISA systems and Clinical Chemistry analysers
  • Extract is stable for 3 days at ambient temperature
  • Excellent correlation with the Gold Standard extraction method 

  • Diagnostics for Digestive Health Management

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