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Primary Antibodies by Application

Alpha Laboratories offers a broad range of primary antibodies from Wako and BioPorto. Focus areas include neurobiology, obesity, complement and primary immunodeficiency, coagulation, microbiology, cell biology and acute kidney injury.

Suitable for use in a variety of applications such as Affinity Purification (AP), ELISA (E), Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Immunofluorescence (IF), Immunoprecipitation (IP) and Western Blotting (WB).

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  • Matched Antibody Pairs

    Matched Antibody Pairs

    Distinctive pre-matched capture and biotinylated detection antibody pairs to make setting up your own high quality, customised immunoassay solutions quick, easy and more economical.
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  • Coagulation Antibodies

    Coagulation Antibodies

    A range of mouse monoclonal antibodies to detect components of the coagulation cascade and clotting pathways including Thrombin III, Christmas Factor and Von Willebrand Factor.
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  • Complement and Primary Immunodeficiency Antibodies

    Complement and Primary Immunodeficiency Antibodies

    Antibodies to detect various complement components and factors including Mannan-Binding Lectin (MBL).
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  • Diabetes and Obesity Antibodies

    Diabetes and Obesity Antibodies

    A very extensive range of antibodies to proteins associated with diabetes and obesity.
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  • DNA Associated Proteins

    DNA Associated Proteins

    A wide range of monoclonal antibodies to Histones.
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  • Microbiology Antibodies

    Microbiology Antibodies

    The BioPorto range of monoclonal antibodies includes clones targeting bacteria antigens and toxins, for use in ELISA and Western Blot applications.
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  • Miscellaneous


    The portfolio of quality monoclonal antibodies offered by BioPorto includes over well over 200 clones for more than 80 target molecules.
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  • Neurobiology Antibodies

    Neurobiology Antibodies

    Primary antibodies for the neurobiology area include the ever popular anti-Iba1 (ionised calcium binding adaptor molecule 1), a marker for macrophages and microglia often used in brain research.
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  • NGAL Antibodies

    NGAL Antibodies

    Bioporto provides monoclonal antibodies for detection of human, monkey, dog, pig, rat and mouse forms of NGAL.
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  • Oncology


    Antibodies for components of the plasminogen activation system which correlate with tumor malignancy.
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  • RNA Associated Proteins

    RNA Associated Proteins

    Argonaute proteins bind small RNAs to form RNA-induced Silencing Complex RISCs which target messenger RNAs for silencing by translation inhibition of degradation.
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