Clinical Chemistry

Diagnostic Assays, Reagents and Controls

Alpha Laboratories is a trusted supplier of clinical chemistry reagents to healthcare professionals in the UK.

We partner with leading manufacturers worldwide to provide products of the highest quality and outstanding value for in-vitro analysis of body fluids.

Alongside routine reagents we specialise in innovative new biomarkers and diagnostic areas that help improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Blood, urine and faeces tests can reveal a plethora of information regarding general wellbeing, nutritional status, specific organ damage and disease to assist with the clinical diagnosis and monitoring of patient health.

Assay Reagents for Clinical Chemistry
The full listing of our clinical chemistry assay kits
BioSystems BA200 Analyser
The BioSystems BA200 standalone analyser offers an excellent alternative to the mainstream analysers for faecal testing, with comparable performance and efficiency.
Clinical Chemistry Calibrators and Standards

Calibration and QC

All quantitative assays need calibration to ensure accurate recovery and reporting.
Clinical Chemistry Controls
The use of quality control measures to validate assay performance is essential and controls should be run with every batch of samples. Assayed controls will give a target value and range in which the assay should recover.
Dynex DS2® ELISA Processor
A Complete Walk Away System

The Dynex DS2 can execute all functions associated with ELISA assay processing including sample/reagent dilution and addition, plate incubation and shaking, wash steps and OD measurement.

Trace Elements

Trace elements are substances that the body requires in tiny amounts on a regular basis for normal function. These micronutrients are typically absorbed through the diet and used to produce enzymes and hormones.

Toxicology & Drugs of Abuse
Assays for the detection of alcohol, drugs and poisons.