UN3373 Compliance Packaging Guide
for Air and Road Transport

Are you transporting biological samples by air or road?

Follow these guidelines to ensure your compliance and find the products you need.

Note 1. The 95kPa pressure differential test is required for either the primary or secondary container.
If the primary container does not have this certification, or you are unsure, you should use a 95kPa certified secondary container.

Note 2. The required pressure differential test is different for air and road transport.
For road transport the test is conducted at ambient temperature.
For Air transport it must also be conducted at both -40C and +55C.

Note 3. Absorbent material must be capable of absorbing the entire contents of the primary containers.

Note 4. For air transport, you must use a rigid outer box.

Note 5. For road transport the rigid element of the packaging can be either the secondary or the outer packaging.

Important - Always check with your transport provider to ensure they do not have any additional special conditions for transport of Biological Substances.

N.B. This information is purely for guidance only.
Alpha Laboratories strongly recommends that you consult official bodies for biological sample packaging regulations and accepts no liability for non-compliance by individuals.