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Calprotectin Assay Range

Calprotectin is a heterodimeric calcium binding protein (MRP8/14), which is present in both neutrophils and monocytes. Calprotectin is released from these cell types at sites of active inflammation.

Calprotectin is present in both plasma and faeces, but at 6-fold greater concentrations in the latter. In addition to calprotectin being a highly sensitive and specific marker for gut inflammation, it is also highly stable in faecal samples (up to 7 days when kept at 4C), making this protein a very practical biomarker.
Faecal calprotectin assays are regularly used to differentiate between IBD and IBS.

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Calprotectin in Ascites

This Quantum Blue® quantitative test is designed for the determination of elevated Calprotectin concentrations in human ascites in combination with the Quantum Blue® Reader. It is used as an aid to diagnose the development of  spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) by being  a marker for an elevated polymorphonuclear cell count (PMN).

The test has been designed for point of care testing of patients suffering from liver cirrhosis accompanied with ascites accumulation in the peritoneum.

Calprotectin in Serum

The new LF-MRP25 Quantum Blue test is a quantitative test designed to determine the level of calprotectin in serum and is used as a surrogate marker for the presence of elevated polymorphonuclear cells. An ELISA assay for calprotectin in serum is also available. The test has been demonstrated to be useful in:

  • The management of care for arthritis patients
  • Patients with cardiovascular disease
  • In transplant patients

Buhlmann Serum Calprotectin Assay Reference

Measurement of blood calprotectin (MRP-8/MRP-14) levels in patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Jaryna Bojko

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