A Range to Suit All Needs, Budgets and Applications

A pipette is one of the most extensively used tools in a laboratory. With so many techniques depending on the transfer of often minute sample volumes, accuracy and precision are essential.

Effortless Accuracy

Modern pipettes feature a host of benefits that can help you work more efficiently and comfortably.

Sartorius Biohit’s electronic and mechanical pipettes are used globally in research institutions, universities, healthcare and industrial laboratories.

The range now includes the advanced Picus® electronic pipette that makes light work of pipetting with its red dot design award ergonomic features. Plus the superior design of the Tacta that makes manual pipetting effortless, safe and precise, like never before.

We are also very pleased to introduce our own brand, alpha+ pipettes. These single and multichannel pipettes bring you accuracy and economy within a modern design.

Pipetting Academy Seminars

Using quality pipettes and tips is only part of the solution for the best accuracy and precision in your liquid handling. Proper training and the routine use of good technique will maximise your pipetting performance for better experimental results.

Alpha Laboratories offers a training programme known as Pipetting Academy™ in partnership with Sartorius, the world leaders in liquid handling technology. Available in two versions, Essentials and the new Advanced Seminar, the programme brings together the ideas and experiences of Sartorius’ technical specialists, third party consultants and end-users.

Through a combination of videos, presentations and practical activities you will learn valuable information on how to improve your pipetting performance.

Choosing the Right Pipette

Are you using the right pipette for your needs?

A pipette is one of the most extensively used tools in a laboratory. In addition to transferring liquids accurately and precisely, pipettes have many other benefits that can help you work more efficiently.

Use our Pipette Range Selector to find the best pipette for your application, your workload or your budget.

Pipette Multipacks

Just Add Liquid! - You’ll Find Everything Else You Need in a Multipack

Take Your Pick - Choose Tacta, mLINE® or Proline® Plus

These great value Multipacks include:

  • A Linear Stand

  • An Individual Holder for each Pipette

  • Plus a Rack of Compatible Tips for each volume included

Pipette Multipacks Brochure

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