Non-Filter Tips

We have non-filter tips in a variety of formats including loose, racked and our leading eco-friendly tip refill system, Fastrak®.

For those looking to maximise their budgets, our popular ‘Everyday’ tips offer superb quality and value for money. They are made from the same moulds as other tips in our range but without certification.

Choose from:

  • Standard
  • Low-Retention
  • Sartorius (Biohit) Optifit

Alpha Laboratories has an extensive range of pipette tips for both routine and specialist applications. As part of an ongoing development programme, we continually improve our range to meet customer demands.

Non-Filter Tips are available in the following formats:

  • Loose non-sterile
  • Racked non-sterile
  • Racked sterile
  • Refills non-sterile
  • Refills sterile
Standard Non-Filter Tips

Our 'Standard' range of non-filter tips include a variety of FlexTop, Ultrafine and Bevelled styles. There are pipette specific fit options including Sartorius (Biohit), Rainin LTS, Eppendorf, Gilson and Selectapette.


The Low Retention range of tips covers volumes from 0.1µl to 1250µl and are available in Loose and Racked formats.

Sartorius (Biohit) Optifit

Sartorius tips have been developed to perfectly match Sartorius (Biohit) pipettes. By developing and producing both pipettes and tips, Sartorius is able to offer the best possible compatibility and pipetting results.

Premium Surface

Nerbe Plus premium surface low retention pipette tips are optimised for the highest precision and reproducibility in a pipetting cycle.