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Calprotectin Faecal Extraction Devices

A choice of devices is available, dependent on sample consistency, to simplify and assist the pre-analytical faecal extraction process.


Weighing the sample is still considered the Gold-Standard practice for calprotectin extraction.
You can read more about the weighing extraction procedure here.

However, due to the nature of samples, products have been developed in order to minimise sample handling time. Alpha Laboratories offers three key products for the extraction of human faecal Calprotectin for laboratories, clinicians and point of care applications in the UK.

Choose from one of the following products:

  • New CALEX® Cap Calprotectin Stool Extraction Device
  • ScheBo® Quick-Prep XL Faecal Sample Preparation Kit
  • Roche Smart-Prep Faecal Sample Preparation Kit
  • Fully Automated Calprotectin Testing is Here!

    The CALEX® Cap from BÜHLMANN already eased the sample preparation challenges, providing rapid, clean and consistent preparation, offering a simplified workflow solution for faecal calprotectin extraction without the need to decant or further dilute samples.

    Now modifications to the blue and white caps at either end of the CALEX device, enable them to be used on laboratory track systems for a truly automated hands off approach to faecal calprotectin testing.

    The white cap has been rounded so that once the stool has been sampled the CALEX can fit easily into the racks and pucks of laboratory track systems for front loading or full random access mode. The CALEX is then automatically identified from the barcode and centrifuged. The modification to the blue cap enable automated de-capping after which the CALEX is transported on the track to the appropriate analyser for the calprotectin analysis using the BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo before being moved to the automatic sealer and storage area. Results are then automatically reported on the laboratory LIM system.

    Combined with the speed of result and wide assay range (20 – 8000µg/g) of the BÜHLMANN fCAL turbo, the new Track CALEX truly revolutionises the approach to Calprotectin testing.

    N.B. The CALEX modifications are purely external and the fundamental performance characteristics are exactly the same. There is also no change to the product codes and existing users will notice a gradual transition to the new design.

    If you wish to try Track CALEX in automated mode please contact us for the application notes that your track engineer will require.

    Watch the Track CALEX video here.

    • Calprotectin Revolution and Evolution

      • PDF size: 12.37KB
      • Updated on: 04/07/2018

      Open File
    • Diagnostics for Digestive Health Management

      • PDF size: 10.06MB
      • Updated on: 07/12/2018

      Open File
    • Same faeces, same lab, different methods and some different calprotectin results

      • PDF size: 9.42KB
      • Updated on: 03/08/2018

      Lythgoe and McCann;Stockport NHS - Poster BSG 2016

      Open File

      • PDF size: 10.80KB
      • Updated on: 03/08/2018

      BÜHLMANN Laboratories AG, University of Applied Sciences, Muttenz; ROTHEN Medizinische Laboratorien AG, - Switzerland: Poster Euromedlab, June 2015

      Open File
    • Evaluation of BÜHLMANN CALEX® Cap Stool Extraction Devices for the extraction of faecal calprotectin

      • PDF size: 8.55KB
      • Updated on: 03/08/2018

      Sukhbir Kaur, Clare Ford, Rousseau Gama Department of Clinical Chemistry, New Cross Hospital

      Open File
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