PCR Consumables

The importance of high quality PCR consumables should not be underestimated.

They can have a significant effect on the reaction speed, consistency of results, robustness, product yield, fidelity and specificity of the reaction. Whether you choose individual PCR tubes, strip tubes or plates from Alpha Laboratories, you can rest assured that the ultra thin walls ensure efficient thermal transfer and inhibitor-free certification means no assay interference.

Our extensive range of plate sealing options gives you everything you need for PCR, short or long term storage, manual or automation accessibility.

PCR Plates
Alpha Laboratories’ newly extended range of PCR plates now offers you a wide choice for compatibility with most Thermal Cyclers currently available.
PCR Tubes and Caps
Designed with ultra thin walls for optimal heat transfer and sample security, this range of 0.2ml and 0.5ml PCR tubes and 0.2ml PCR 8 or 12-strip tubes offers excellent performance and value.
PCR Plate Sealing

It is essential that plates can be securely sealed in order to avoid contamination and evaporation.