Industrial Research and Testing

The extensive Pastette® range provides multiple solutions for handling a vast array of sample types in a diversity of industrial uses.

In the applications laboratory here, we formulate trial batches of fragrances that are under development, for customers to test in their required applications. We work to very precise formulations, occasionally using up to 70 different raw materials for each trial batch. These components are often very expensive with some raw materials costing up to £20,000 per Kg. We cannot afford to waste any, so the accuracy of dispensing is essential. We have found that the 1ml graduated Pastette provides the precision that we need for this task.

Tony Jukes
Manufacturing Operations Manager Robertet UK Ltd


  • Sample Preparation for: LC, GC, HPLC, TLC using 1ml auto sampler vials

  • Sample Preparation for: LC, GC, HPLC, TLC using 2ml auto sampler vials

  • Layering in columns/transfers in columns

Viscous liquid samples and transfers:

  • Creams

  • Oils – Automotive fluid transfers

  • Perfumes – fragrance testing

  • Beverages

  • Industrial slurries

  • Paints

  • Brewing and Dairy samples

  • Sampling from bulk liquid food stuffs

Field Testing:

  • Water sampling

  • Pre-filled with KCL and buffers

PH Meter Maintenance:

  • Adding acids or bases

  • Remove and replace electrode fill solutions

Spectrophotometry Cuvettes:

  • Reaches bottom of semi-micro cuvettes

  • Will not scratch expensive glass or quartz cells

Reagent Handling:

  • Portable ampoule

  • Spreading and mixing

  • Reaching to the bottom of Winchesters