Blood Grouping Reagents

Comprehensive and Certified Range

The continued supply of ready-to-use reagents is critical for safe blood transfusion. 

Whether you require routine or speciality products, a wide range of anti-sera or red cells, or are simply looking for reliable control materials, Alpha Laboratories can support your blood grouping needs.

The products manufactured by our partners, Quotient, have FDA clearance for sale in the USA, an endorsement of their high quality. In response to customer feedback and to ensure compliance with the IVD directive all products are supplied in packs rather than broken down into individual vials.

ALBAcheck® Whole Blood Controls

Intended for use as ABO and RhD controls for automated blood grouping systems.

ALBAcheck®-BGS Competency Test Kit

Intended for use as an internal, self assessment QA scheme.
It assesses the ability of an individual and/or the capability of a method for detecting weak antibodies.

ALBAclone® Monoclonal Antisera

Monoclonal antibodies exhibit high degrees of potency, avidity and specificity.

ALBAclone® Rare Monoclonal Antisera

A wide range of rare monoclonal blood grouping antisera.

ALBAcyte® Reagent Red Cells

Convenience and Accuracy You Can Rely On

ALBAsera® Polyclonal Reagents

A range of conventional blood grouping sera.

Anti-Human Globulin
Formulated for optimum detection, these reagents can be used for both direct and indirect antiglobulin tests (NIS, LIS).
Other Control Reagents
A range of control reagents which enables the user to validate and control testing on an individual or batch basis.
Partial RhD Typing Kit

Allows improved identification of partial RhD types, including DOL, DCS, DMH, DHK/DAU-4, weak D types 1 and 2 as well as DMHi.

Sensitivity Controls

Specially formulated weak sensitivity controls, designed to stress testing platforms.

Solutions, Lectins, Enzymes & Enhancement
Additional products for the Blood Grouping Laboratory