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Immunodiffusion Test Systems

A comprehensive range of antigens and control serum

Fungal Immunodiffusion Test System

Used to test patients' sera for precipitating antibodies against antigens ofAspergillussp, Blastomucesdermatitdis,Coccidiodesimmitis, and Histoplasma capsulatum. The presence of precipitating antibodies in a patient specimen indicates active or recent infection.

Candida Antibody System

Immunodiffusion tests are used for the detection of precipitating antibodies(primarily of the IgG and IgA classes) against antigens of C. albicans.The presence of precipitating antibodies indicates active or recent infection.

Exo-Antigen Identification System

Exo-Antigen or immunoidentification of Histoplasma capsulatum, Blastomycesdematitidis and Coccidiodes immitis, is a simple, cost-effective method of identifying or confirming the suspected identity of these organisms, even in the absence of typical morphology. A special buffer isprovided which extracts antigens from the hyphal mass, thus increasing the sensitivity of the system.

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