Aspirator Pastettes

The flexible, unbreakable, safe alternative to aspirating with glass pipettes on vacuum lines or with pipetting aids.


Aspirator Pastettes have a unique design without a bulb and are open at both ends of the pipette. They can be used with all types of Pipette Aid devices to aspirate and dispense media and reagents.

A user of the Jumbo Pastettes told us they were cutting the bulbs off the pipettes and using the stems as serological pipettes. These were placed on vacuum lines to draw off media from tissue culture flasks when a media change was required. The development of the pre-sterilised aspirator pipettes (LW4806 and LW4811) saves considerable money and work, by providing a soft unbreakable replacement for the expensive pipettes they had used previously.


Manufactured from low density polyethylene, Aspirator Pastettes are safer to use than traditional glass or polystyrene pipettes. Being flexible and soft they also protect your cell cultures. Aspirator Pastettes are the best choice for delicate and valuable cell lines and a “must have” for work with infectious and hazardous materials.