Laboratory Equipment

Precision laboratory instrumentation to support your PCR, Electrophoresis and General Laboratory Applications.
PCR Equipment

Quality PCR Equipment for Consistent Results

Equipping your laboratory with reliable high performance instrumentation will help maximise productivity and performance and minimise down time.

Electrophoresis Equipment

Clearly Better Resolution

The Alpha Laboratories Clarit-E® range of innovative electrophoresis equipment continues to expand, providing you with a wide choice of tools to suit your separation needs.

General Laboratory Equipment

Heat, Cool, Mix, Stir, Separate

Our range of bench top equipment provides economical, hard-working tools to complete a multitude of routine laboratory tasks with maximum ease.

Quality Control

Streck NIST-traceable thermometers, for quality control monitoring, are available for a wide temperature range and are enclosed in a plastic case for protection and to contain the contents if broken.