Nucleic Acids Research

Analysis and manipulation of nucleic acids are some of the most powerful laboratory techniques. We offer a range of products to assist molecular biologists & geneticists with their research including antibodies, isolation, cloning & transfection reagents.

Nucleic acids are one of the key building blocks of life. Nucleotides assembled into polymeric macromolecules like DNA and RNA serve to carry essential biological information for organism development and function. DNA encodes and stores the genetic master template from which RNA sequences are transcribed, and in the case of coding sequences these messenger RNAs (mRNAs) may be subsequently translated into proteins.

Studying the interactions of these nucleic acids has revealed complex, multi-faceted pathways of gene regulation and interaction. Changes in gene expression may be associated with various diseases and elucidating the mechanisms behind such dysregulation could help shape future therapies.

A selection of cloning vectors produced by Nippon Gene and distributed via Wako Pure Chemicals.
Electrophoresis Reagents
In electrophoresis a wide range of gel media, buffers and reagents are required.
MicroRNA Research Tools

Wako offers a range of Ago antibody based products to study Ago protein expression and investigate the miRNA and mRNA that associate with Ago proteins in the RISC complex.

Nucleic Acid Amplification
Nucleic Acid Isolation

Reagents for the isolation of DNA and RNA.  Nucleic acid extraction and isolation are crucial steps in genetic analysis, with results highly dependent on the quality of these steps.

ScreenFect™A is a cationic lipid transfection reagent combining high transfection efficiency with low cell toxicity.