Premium Surface

Nerbe Plus Low Retention Pipette Tips

Nerbe Plus premium surface low retention pipette tips are optimised for the highest precision and reproducibility in a pipetting cycle.

The ultra-smooth hydrophobic surfaces prevent loss of material through adsorption and reduce DNA denaturation. These qualities improve efficiencies of test sequences by cutting down on costs associated with expensive reagents.

Product Information

Nerbe plus has over 40 years of tradition in breaking new ground in product development. State-of-the-art machine technology combined with perfected production processes underscore the highest standards, with no compromise on quality and resource conservation.

The Goal:

An evolution of the renowned Nerbe plus flagship trademarks with a premium surface, functional rack, highly effective filters, ingenious packaging and sustainability in production.

The accuracy of these tips is not affected by the physical properties of your sample, enabling you to achieve perfect results in liquid handling, even when dealing with challenging solutions. Material loss of your valuable reagents and denaturation of DNA are therefore a thing of the past. These tips will revolutionise your daily laboratory work with continuous residue-free pipetting.

They provide you with maximum precision and accuracy when aspirating and dispensing your sample material, to ensure your results and success. The viscosity, volatility, surface tension and temperature of the solution in particular can negatively influence pipetting quality. Viscous liquids such as glycerol leave residues in the tip during pipetting. This adversely affects the accuracy and precision of the desired result. With Premium Surface tips this is no longer a problem.

Renowned product designers have created a more than perfect rack for you:

  • Compact

  • Autoclavable

  • Stable

  • Stackable

  • 100% Recyclable

All product-relevant data is immediately visible right where you need it on the rack lid and on the tray.

These enhancements put the finishing touches to the rack. Furthermore, the bulk packaging has been upgraded. The sturdy and transport-safe stand-up bag is resealable and, like the new racks, features all item information, including colour coding. Last but not least, all cardboard packaging for each product has been developed to improve the ecological footprint.


Nerbe plus Premium Surface tips offer you everything you need to work effectively and successfully.

No Contamination

Only achievable through the ultra-smooth and hydrophobic surface, combined with individual graduations on all tips. The premium surface comes without additives, coatings and heavy metals, so there is no contamination of your samples.


Using only outstanding medical grade PP granules, Premium Surface tips have unparalleled transparency.

Quality Filters

Filter tips contain sophisticated filter material with optimum pore density perfect the tips.

Universal Fit

The universal fit of all pipette tips means they are compatible with all common pipettes on the market, either single or multichannel models.

  • Ultra-smooth, hydrophobic surface of the plastic prevents the adsorption of DNA and proteins on the walls of the tips

  • No contaminating additives

  • Prevents loss of valuable reagents

  • Maximum, precision, accuracy and correctness for sample aspiration

  • Cost-reduction

Tip Fit

Nerbe Plus Premium Surface Tips are compatible with leading manufacturers' pipettes, including:

  • Sartorius Proline

  • Brand Transferpette S

  • Capp

  • Eppendorf Research/Research Plus/Explorer/Explorer Plus

  • Finnpipette/F1/F2

  • Gilson Pipetman

  • Hamilton

  • Nichiriyo Nichipette X/Oxford Benchmate/Oxford Multimate

  • Socorex Calibra 822

  • VWR Ultra High Performance

Premium Surface Non-Filter Tips

Premium Surface Filter Tips