Our qualified team of key account and product managers can help build solutions
for your diagnostic or laboratory applications

Working in Partnership with You

We’ll strive to understand and help with the challenges you face in your laboratory or clinic every day. By working closely with you, we aim to bring you much more than just products, providing you with complete solutions to meet your application needs.

Featured Applications


Our extensive experience in faecal diagnostic biomarkers brings expertise to help you with your gastroenterology services for screening and monitoring diseases of the gut.

Clinical Chemistry

Biomarkers for a wide range of applications that help to identify diseases, improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Blood Sciences

From blood grouping to haemophilia, thrombosis, sickle cell anaemia and non-invasive pre-natal testing to liquid biopsy, we support your blood sciences applications.

Point of Care Testing

Our wide range of lateral flow assays offers near patient testing and monitoring for many conditions across gastroenterology, preganacy and fertility and infectious diseases.

Liquid Handling

We can help you choose the best pipettes for your application and train your team to improve their pipetting accuracy and precision. We also have environmentally friendly solutions for your tip needs.

Molecular Biology

Equipment and consumables for all your electrophoresis and PCR applications.

UN3373 Sample Packaging

If you need to transport biological samples from their source to the laboratory, by air or road our wealth of regulatory resources will help ensure you meet the necessary legal compliance requirements.

Research Applications

Our research reagents portfolio includes many specialist chemicals, antibodies and consumables for use in research applications such as stem cell biology, cancer & neurobiology.