Choosing the Right Pipette

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Are you using the right pipette for your needs?

A pipette is one of the most extensively used tools in a laboratory.
In addition to transferring liquids accurately and precisely, pipettes have many other benefits that can help you work more efficiently.
Use our Pipette Range Selector to find the best pipette for your application, your workload or your budget.

Manual Pipettes

The premium mechanical pipette that’s perfectly balanced for optimal comfort and reliability. The advanced mechanical pipette with excellent ergonomics, performance and safety. The dependable pipette that combines durable construction with ease and lightness of use. The first & original Biohitfamily mechanical pipette. Accuracy, performance and value in the most robust design.
Designed with your comfort in mind to make pipetting effortless and safe, while producing accurate and reliable results time after time. A unique combination of novel features in an ergonomic design for effortless accuracy and precision. Smart, modern styling comes with advanced technology for excellent, all-round performance. A laboratory favourite across the globe with consistent reliability, durability & value. Designed to be lightweight, easy to use and robust, even in the most challenging environments.
Tacta offers superb ergonomics and reliability to provide a refined pipetting experience that is second to none. mLINE has significantly lighter pipetting forces than other mechanical pipettes. It's recommended by Health & Safety officers as an effective way to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Proline Plus is versatile in research & routine applications where a modern, lightweight but accurate pipette is required. Proline is the model of choice for basic pipetting applications where simplicity and durability are paramount. alpha+ provides unsurpassed accuracy at a very affordable price for true quality and economy within an attractive modern design.

Tacta offers:

  • Low pipetting cycle forces reduces the risk of WRULD (Work Related Upper Limb Disorder)

  • Ergonomic design for comfortabe pipetting

  • Optiload feature in both single and multichannel models for easy and light tip loading with perfect tip sealing

  • Optiject soft tip ejection feature detaches the tip in a smooth, controlled manner

  • Optilock’s dual-function volume locking prevents accidental volume changes

  • Easy-to-read, four-digit volume display helps to set exact volumes

  • Safe-Cone Filters available for models above 10μl with convenient built-in filter ejection mechanism

  • Fully autoclavable without disassembling

  • Simple to clean and maintain with only three parts to disassemble

  • Easy calibration adjustment with simple key and scale

  • High chemical and UV-resistance to ensure a long life span for the pipette

Ideal for:

  • High throughput work & long pipetting tasks

  • When consistency of results is paramount (low hand fatigue even after several hours)

  • High accuracy applications

  • Low volume PCR work

  • Handling biological fluids (fully autoclavable without disassembly)

  • RSI sufferers

Perfect for:

  • High accuracy work

  • Pipetting into narrow-necked sample tubes due to slim tip ejector collar

  • Both left-and right-handed users

  • Handling biological fluids (fully autoclavable without disassembly)

  • Repetitive tasks with reduced risk of strain injuries

  • Use by novices

It's great for:

  • Teaching

  • Routine Work

  • Budget-conscious labs

  • Rough handling

alpha+ gives you:

  • Calibration report according to ISO 8655:2002 part 6 enclosed with every pipette

  • Ensures high accuracy and precision

  • Body grip made from TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) insulates the pipette to minimise transfer of body heat to maintain high accuracy even in continuous use

  • Ergonomic design for minimum fatigue of hands and fingers

  • Light weight soft-grip body

  • Soft plunger movement for reduced thumb stress

  • Finger hook for support

  • Easy model volume identification through colour coding

  • Click-stop digital system for volume setting

  • Autoclavable

  • UV resistant

  • 3 year warranty

Electronic Pipettes

The perfect electronic pipette for regulated laboratories. Enjoy pipetting like never before.
The most sophisticated and ergonomic electronic pipette packed with many features and including ISO 17025 accredited calibration as standard. The most ergonomic and sophisticated electronic pipette for laboratory professionals.
Picus NxT has the same standard features of the Picus but includes many more functions to support regulated laboratories. Picus is a new, award-winning electronic pipette range. Exceptionally small and light, it is designed to ease your workload, prevent repetitive strain injuries (RSI) by ensuring optimal working posture and delivering exceptional pipetting results.


  • Comes with a certificate of accredited 3-point calibration per ISO 17025 and ISO 8655 standards. ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration guarantees all measurements are traceable to national and international methods and standards

  • Separate password protection for administrator and user profiles prevents unauthorised modifications to settings

  • The pipette locking feature prevents the pipette being used while awaiting service or repair

  • Can be programmed with service and calibration reminders according to time and/or cycle intervals

  • RFID-enabled to support asset management and record keeping

  • Create and save custom pipetting protocols for up to nine pipetting series at a time. Enables you to carry out an entire workflow simply by pressing a button

Great for:

  • Long duration pipetting when comfort is key & RSI is a risk

  • Users with smaller hands

  • Pipetting into microplates - tracker function keeps check on progress

  • Novices or irregular users - intuitive to program & electronic operation ensures unbeatable accuracy regardless of experience

  • When time is of essence - fast programming with one-handed adjustment

  • Both left & right-handed users

  • GLP labs - stores user ID & service / calibration dates

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