Micro Capillaries

Capillary tubes are available in a range of volumes and lengths to suit different dispensing requirements.

Microcaps® are precision-bore glass capillary tubes and includes a rubber bulb dispenser which, together, allows rapid, clean and accurate collection and transfer of small liquid samples. They are available in various volumes from 0.25ul to 200ul to meet your needs.

Haematocrit Tubes combine the precision of glass with the safety provided by a Mylar® overwrap and are perfect for handling research blood samples.

Calibrated Micropipette capillaries tubes are available in a range of volumes, from 1ul to 200ul, supplied with an aspirator tube to perform simple aspiration and dispensing operations in the microlitre volume range.

Capillary Tubes

Drummond Microdispenser capillaries are suitable for use with all Microdispensers.

Calibrated Micropipettes

Calibrated Micropipettes are fire polished, precision glass capillary tubes for accurate micro-volume transfer with a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5%.

Hematocrit Tubes

Hematocrit tubes available in either plain or heparin-coated. Choice of 32mm and 75mm lengths, suitable for blood collection.

Replacement Microdispenser Bores

Colour-coded Bores for easy identification of the correct volume.