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Biotrate Digital Burette

Convenient Titration

Sartorius Biotrate is a premium digital burette equipped with sophisticated functions for easy titration. Biotrate offers high chemical resistance and it is a smart solution for titrating various liquids accurately and safely.


Biotrate is So Convenient to Use

Smart 360° Rotating Dispensing Head

The dispensing head can be turned to any position without having to turn the bottle or the entire burette. The display, operating wheels, and the bottle label remain in optimal position ensuring comfortable use.

Biotrate Rotating Head

Media Recirculation System

Biotrate is equipped with a media recirculation system that allows unused media to be recovered from the device and returned to the bottle. This ensures easy priming and minimizes the media loss.

Biotrate Media Recirculation

Connector for Drying Tube and Filters

Drying tubes and filters can be connected to the back of the Biotrate. It is recommended that drying tubes be used when titrating humidity-sensitive liquids.


Biotrate Connector

UV-Protection Window

Biotrate is supplied with an amber coloured replacement window for protecting light sensitive media.


Biotrate UV Protection Window

Easy to Attach Aspiration Tube

The aspiration tube is easy to attach with a secure threaded connection. This prevents air entering the system and ensures reliable results.

Biotrate Aspiration Tube

Easily Replaceable Valves

Valves can be easily replaced by the user so there is no need to send the unit to be serviced.


Biotrate replace valves

Chemical Resistance

Biotrate offers excellent chemical resistance due to its high-quality materials, allowing the use of wide variety of liquids.

Light to Use

The operating wheels are light and comfortable to use due to the soft touch surface and smoothly moving piston. These guarantee good ergonomics and excellent results in everyday use.

Large and Clear Display

The display indicates clearly the measured volume, and showswhether you are measuring an aspirated or titrated volume.

Versatile Accessories

Biotrate can be equipped with wide range of accessories e.g. various bottle adapters, dispensing heads, and aspiration tubes.

Long Life Battery

Biotrate is powered with a long life battery so there is no need to plug in or re-charge the unit. The battery is also easy to replace by the user.

Easy to Clean

Biotrate is easy to disassemble for cleaning and autoclaving. The liquid pathway is fully autoclavable.

User Adjustment

Biotrate can be adjusted for various liquids and it is easy to revert to factory settings. The display also indicates when a custom adjustment is in use.

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    Prospenser, Prospenser Plus and Biotrate Digital Burette

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Accessories for Sartorius Biotrate Digital Burettes


Dispensing Unit
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene LH-721647
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Spiral Tube Diameter 1.5mm Length 1m LH-721648
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Spiral Tube Diameter 3.0mm Length 1m LH-721649
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Standard Tube LH-721650
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene Fine Tip Tube LH-721651
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene 0.4m Flexible Tube LH-721652
Polyethylene Furanoate with Polypropylene Luer Lock Connector LH-721653
Polyethylene Furanoate with Per Fluoro Alkoxy Luer Lock Connector LH-721654
Aspiration/Recirculation Tube
Aspiration Tube Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene 310mm LH-721678
Aspiration Tube Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene 400mm LH-721679
Recirculation Tube Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene 70mm LH-721682
Dispenser Bottle Top Adapter
A32 Polypropylene LH-721683
A28 Polypropylene LH-721684
A38/430 Polypropylene LH-721685
A38 Polypropylene LH-721686
S40 Polypropylene LH-721687
A32 Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene LH-721688
A28 Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene LH-721689
A38/430 Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene LH-721732
A38 Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene LH-721733
S40 Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene LH-721734
NS29/32 Silicone LH-721735
Silicone Bottle Support LH-721743
UV Protection Window (Amber) for use with light sensitive liquids LH-721744

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