Pipette Tips

Quality Tips and Green Solutions

Using high quality pipette tips ensures you get maximum performance and no interference in your assays.

Alpha Laboratories never compromises on quality.

Our tips are produced from the highest grade virgin polypropylene using computer-designed stainless steel moulds.

The quality control process takes the tips through up to 92 checks from resin to final product to give you the quality reassurance you require.

Packaging Guide

Tips in durable, resealable polyethylene bags for bench use and hand-racking

Racked non-sterile
Allows you to sterilise racked tips by autoclaving as and when required.

Racked Sterile
Gamma-irradiated to provide the convenience of sterile tips immediately to hand.

Economical and environmentally friendly packaging

Sterile "singles"
Individually wrapped, ideal for when only a small number of tips are required.

Colour Coding
For easy identification:

  • White - 10µl

  • Yellow - 200µl

  • Blue - 1000µl

  • Purple - other volumes

I would recommend these pipette tips. Great product for its price.
The tips fit well on Gilson and Eppendorf pipettes. The tips have a nice length, so the danger of cross contamination is minimised. The liquid handling is quite convenient, e.g. no dripping or leaking. Furthermore, the tips are available in a paper tray (reload system) and so less waste is produced. I recommend these pipette tips.

Rating: 4.3/5. Application Area: Protein purification.

Select Science Community Member Review of Alpha Laboratories' Pipette Tips – 6 March 2020

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