Reagents for Electrophoresis

A wide range of reagents used in electrophoresis including agarose, buffers and ready to use DNA Size Markers

The 100bp ladder and 1kb ladder represent the two most popular markers used for DNA fragment size determination. These markers are formulated to run accurately and to provide crisp band patterns. The two markers require no additional preparation and contain bromophenol blue for ease of use. Both markers are supplied at a concentration of 50μg/500μl (0.1μg/μl).

1kb DNA Ladder
100bp DNA Ladder
0.5 M EDTA
EDTA Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid 0.5 M Solution 1L Wako
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Pack Size: 1L
TBE Buffer (10X)
Tris-borate-EDTA TBE Buffer 10x Concentrate 1L Dojindo Wako
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Pack Size: 1L
DNA MW Marker 11
DNA MW Marker 6
DNA MW Marker 2
DNA MW Marker 8 GT
DNA MW Marker 5
6 x Loading Buffer O
DNA MW Marker 10
2 x DGGE Loading Buf