Reagents for Proteomics

Alpha Laboratories offers a range of products to aid proteomic investigations from separation to sequencing along with the Phos-tag™ series specifically designed for analysis of protein phosphorylation.

The wide-scale analysis of gene products has been a growing area of interest as mRNA analysis is not always concordant with protein expression. Furthermore, post-transcriptional modifications are of key importance as these occur in response to a variety of intracellular and extracellular signals.

Automated Protein Sequencing
Wako Laboratory Chemicals produces a range of chemicals and reagents that are recommended by Shimadzu for use with their automated protein sequencers (Edman method)/ Protein Primary Structure Analysers (PPSQ-1, PPSQ-2 and PPSQ-10).
Enzymes and Inhibitors
Regulatory proteins and inhibitory agents that control metabolism including proteases such as V8, Trypsin and Lysyl endopeptidase.
Glycobiology Reagents
Glycobiology is concerned with the structure and function of glycans, oligo- or polysaccharides especially those that form part of a glycoprotein or glycolipid.
Mass Spectrometry Protein Analysis
Wako offers a range of products to optimise MALDI-TOF MS, from proteome preparation reagents and digestion enzymes to MALDI-TOF MS matrix.

The Phos-tag™ developed by Hiroshima University is a functional molecule that specifically binds phosphorylated ions, forming stable complexes under physiological conditions. Phos-tag acts as a novel labelling system for analysis of phosphorylation.

Protein Electrophoresis Reagents

Wako offers a range of laemmli sample buffers and running buffers for PAGE. Also offered are WIDE-VIEW III protein markers. Pre-stained, these markers have a range of 11- 145kDa with coloured proteins demarking 75kDa (red) and 25kDa (green). 

PROTEOSAVE™ Consumables
The PROTEOSAVE™ range utilises a proprietary ultra hydrophilic polymer developed by S-BIO that blocks nonspecific adsorption of proteins, peptides and cells.