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Other Research Reagents


Check here for additional chemicals and reagents for your research applications.

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  • Biochemistry Reagents

    Biochemistry Reagents

    An assortment of enzymes, substrates, agonists, inhibitors, enzymes, colourants and other reagents used in biochemical applications.
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  • Chromatography


    The Wakopak® Wakosil® brand has earned its reputation for quality among chromatographers and Wako offers a range of columns for both Waters and Du Pont instruments, plus a selection of HPLC and TLC reagents.
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  • CRM and Reference Standards

    CRM and Reference Standards

    A range of standards for food, environmental and pharmaceutical analysis together with certified reference materials from the National Metrology Institute of Japan for calibration validations.
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  • Other Chemicals

    Other Chemicals

    Miscellaneous laboratory chemicals for a variety of applications from titration indicators to organic synthesis catalysts
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  • Plant Oils

    Plant Oils

    Plant derived oils for laboratory applications from a range of flowers, fruits and seeds
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