Cell & Tissue Culture

Tissue culture is one of the most widespread laboratory techniques. Primary cultures may be derived from blood or tissue explants and thousands of immortalised cell lines are now available from tissue culture collections.

Cryogenically preserved cells, such as the HeLa cell line derived from the cervical carcinoma of Henrietta Lacks, have been transported to laboratories all over the world and had an outstanding impact on scientific development.

In vitro culture is a cornerstone of numerous disciplines with a diversity of applications including toxicity and drug screening, cell signalling and pathway study, developmental biology and tissue regeneration with stem cells.  Successful cultivation is dependent on providing a suitable environment for the cell type in question and can vary considerably between cells from different tissue origins, whilst some cultures are adherent others cells grow as suspension cultures. 

Whilst some cells lines readily adhere to a plastic culture surface other cell types may be a little more demanding and require the additional support of an extracellular matrix protein such a collagen or gelatin to facilitate adhesion.  Collagen can also be used as a supporting structure for 3D and interface cultures.  Adhesion in other culture techniques may be problematic and the use of low adhesion culture ware required for optimal results. Alpha offer products to aid the preparation of optimal culture surfaces as well as pre-coated culture ware along with supplements for growth and differentiation.


Cell Growth Factors and Media
Cell and tissue culture reagents that support good growth and viability.
Cell Staining
A range of cell staining reagents for cell analysis. Live and dead cell staining, nucleus and mitchodria stains including Calcein AM, DAPI, Acridine Orange & Rhodamine 123.
Enzymes for Cell & Tissue Culture
Trypsin, collagenase and other enzymes for cell dispersion used in tissue digests and when passaging adherent cell cultures.
Extracellular Matrix Proteins
Using extracellular matrices (ECM) and proteins in culture can provide cells with a more physiologically relevant environment giving more realistic morphology and intercellular interactions.
Plant Cell Culture Reagents
Agar and a range of plant growth regulators for in vitro plant cell culture use.
Specialist Culture Ware

The UniWells™ Horizontal Co-Culture Plate is a cell culture plate system designed for simultaneous co-culture of cell populations and allows for effective investigation of processes such as transport, migration and invasion.

Stem Cell Culture
Stem cell research is a specialised area of tissue culture concerning undifferentiated cells which can be directed to develop into a diversity of distinct cell types.