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Cell & Tissue Culture

Cell and Tissue Culture

Tissue culture is one of the most widespread laboratory techniques. Primary cultures may be derived from blood or tissue explants and thousands of immortalised cell lines are now available from tissue culture collections.

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  • Cell Growth Factors and Media

    Cell Growth Factors and Media

    Cell and tissue culture reagents that support good growth and viability.
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  • Cell Staining

    Cell Staining

    A range of cell staining reagents for cell analysis. Live and dead cell staining, nucleus and mitchodria stains including Calcein AM, DAPI, Acridine Orange & Rhodamine 123.
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  • Enzymes


    Trypsin, collagenase and other enzymes for cell dispersion used in tissue digests and when passaging adherent cell cultures.
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  • Extracellular Matrix Proteins

    Extracellular Matrix Proteins

    Using extracellular matrices (ECM) and proteins in culture can provide cells with a more physiologically relevant environment giving more realistic morphology and intercellular interactions.
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  • Plant Cell Culture Reagents

    Plant Cell Culture Reagents

    Agar and a range of plant growth regulators for in vitro plant cell culture use.
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  • Stem Cell Culture

    Stem Cell Culture

    Stem cell research is a specialised area of tissue culture concerning undifferentiated cells which can be directed to develop into a diversity of distinct cell types.
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